Tuesday, May 29, 2007

No Thanks-demo (1982)

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Wow... what can be said? Blistering fast NYC political hardcore/punk that is fronted by a female in 1982!!! Almost unheard of back then. This will forever be a classic. I still wish I'd been involved in releasing this as an ep... its so far ahead of its time, and lyrically still is relevant today.
I was contacted by vocalist Donna Damage a few years back, and she is currently living in Berkley California, and planning a reunion tour with remaining members of No Thanks. Seth(the drummer) died of cancer a bit over a year ago.
No Thanks released a 7" ep that has been forever out of print, and valuable amongst record collectors world wide. After the bands demise Donna fronted a metal band called Navigator (No Thanks guitarist played as well). In a time when NYC punk/hardcore was macho & didn't have much going on politically, these guys did something completey different.

1. are you ready to die?
3.party's over
4.are you ready?
5.who me?
6.bullshit inc
7.fuck the past
8.strange days

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