Wednesday, May 6, 2009

GRAVEN IMAGE kicked out of the scene 7" (1983)

1.Day After
2.Close Your Eyes
3.Operation Sink
4.Wrong Way to Utopia
5.Double Life
6.Dear Abby
7.Nails and Thorns

Sorta stoked to have gotten this ep back in my collection again after I had sold it for almost nothing back in the early 1990's. It was in my first big purge from my collection, and it went to some dickhead who I'd rather forget about now. Back in those days I'd gather some crates together of records that I wasn't "into" anymore, or that I thought that I could rebuy in the future and I'd sell them for literally nothing at shows that my band Devoid Of Faith was playing through out the North East. Depressing I know...
At any rate I recently got a copy of this from a dude who has a store in Richmond VA where Graven Image were from, and it turns out that this dude got a box of the eps from a member of the band or something, who'd discovered them in a closet/basement after 25 years. They are stone cold mint. Graven Image Dude has turned into a religious fanatic over the years, big surprise, right?
Graven Image were not the tightest of thrash bands, in fact this stuff is pretty goddamn loose, but that is the beauty of this ep. You can hear the influence early Black Flag had on them for sure, it's really apparent in the wanking and guitar noodles(can start to hear it in "operation shrink"). The bands magic year seemed to be 1983, as they released this ep, a split tape, and a few compilations. I don't think these guys were all to active beyond 1984. This is some of my favorite type of hardcore, tuneless thrash ala 80's. Enjoy, and please comment if you download.
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  1. thanks a shit ton!
    Never heard this

  2. Hah, wow. A guy who played in this band tried out on guitar for my band in the mid-90s sometime. He was 33 at the time, and I thought that was ancient. Now I'm 33 myself. Anyway, our styles didn't really mesh so he didn't end up playing with us, but he was a cool enough dude. He was apparently also in COC around the time of "Technocracy," but not for long enough to appear on any of the records. It's cool to finally hear this, as the band has been nothing but a legend over the last 15 years for myself and other Richmond kids of my generation. Thanks much.

  3. My grandma used to teach Bible study to the singer and bassist. She said he was a very good student but he talked too much and couldn't sit still. Please pot more Pro-Jesus hardcore, like The God Squad, Jumpin' Jehovah and Bible Blasters D.C. (not the Bible Blasters from CA because they suck.)

  4. To clarify my earlier comment, the singer talked too much and the bassist couldn't sit still! Also, I meant POST, not POT. Ha, ha. Sorry!

  5. Ha Ha...great stories guys. Thanks for the comments. Interesting stuff. Nate

  6. this is great glad i found it. keep up the good work people are thankfull.

  7. Legendary! thankx

  8. this record rips! I had a copy twenty years ago. I am thankful I found your blog. I'd love to see more U.S. hardcore on here. kyle

  9. Wow! great stuff. I just saw one of these on ebay.

    to bad its in hungary.

  10. thanks for posting this--the singer's post Graven Image, Sordid Doctrine is awesome also

  11. if anyone wants to get a hold of a "reissue" of the honor role / graven image split tape, check out in the cd's section. nick from graven image / sordid doctrine remastered it and made a booklet out of the original tape insert along with a cool scan of some old richmond flyers. the material on the tape is their best, in my opinion.

  12. My uncle Bruce from A.O.D. told me about this! He said when he saw them live, they had a list of bands that were getting kicked out of the scene, and gave reasons why ha ha! This is awesome, thanks for posting!

  13. The stuff about the Dwayne (singer) and Brit (bass player) being in someone's grandma's bible study class is crap. They did not eben know each other until they were in their twenties and late teens respectively. Graven Image was not a pro or anti religion band. Religion is part of everyday life, so it was part of some of our songs.

    Joey ( drums)

  14. And no, Nick was never in COC. Good friends with them and liked them, but not part of the band.

  15. And no, "Graven Image Dude" dude would be Nick ( Guitar). He lives outside RVA, and is not a religious fanatic. I don't know where you guys get this stuff. And yes he does have a bunch of mint e.p. copies. along with the re released Your Skull Is My Bowl b/s with Honor Role.

  16. Thanks for the comments Joey. I'm glad you found the blog. I hope reading some of the stuff brings back good memories.


  17. Gloom666,

    For Sure...I am totally stoked to find this. It is cool to know that people liked/still like our stuff. I have Graven Image practice tapes and both the Eskimo recording sessions (your skull is my bowl) and Floodzone recording sessions ( kicked out of the scene) if anyone is interested. ( Sordid Doctrine practice tapes also)check out for more Graven Image stuff.

  18. Dangerclose...I have a pretty poor quality video from the Va Beach theater with Graven Image and Honor Role. I have it dvd but need to transfer it to the ole computer.

  19. Dwayne Allen Curd... RIP...(1960-2002)

    You will always kick ass!
    Ck out "Prizelie" on FB. Dwayne's poems and words for all...

  20. Its so fucking awesome that Joey responded with the knowledge on this. To get the info straight from a band member is golden. Thanks for loving and posting this !

  21. Dwayne Curd was in the many other bands after GI and SD...
    Ck my Fairybook out and lots o pic's you can see the other bands....
    "Sharon Friedhoff Elvilives"
    I lived with him for 14 years...
    knew him for 20!
    Sweetest Person in World!

    1. She speaks the truth!!!!
      We Love You Sharon.!!!!!
      And we miss you Dwayne!!!!!!

  22. Rip dwayne curd....he is still rocking on the other side : p