Monday, June 29, 2009

V/A POWER Mixed CD metal compilation

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01.M@n0war-kill with power(USA, 1984)
02.Crush-the night(Greece, 1993)
03.Future Tense-go to hell(Holland, 1984)
04.Turbo-?(Poland, 1982)
05.Maninnya Blade-ripper attack(Sweden, 1984)
06.D'erlanger-up your ass(Japan 1986)
07.Mortician-not fight(Austria, 1987)
08.the R0ds-nothing going on in the city(USA, 1981)
09.Riff Raff-eye for an eye(Finland, 1982)
10.Kruiz-the last dawn(Russia, 1986)
11.Znowhite-sledgehammer(USA, 1984)
12.Sortilege-d'alleurs(France, 1984)
13.Shellshock-hard times(Norway, 1988)
14.Rossos-you don't know(Sweden, 1982)
15.Oz-fire in the brain(Finland, 1983)
16.P@ntera-killers(USA, 1984)
17.Stone Vengeance-to kill evil(USA, 1986)
18.Kat-?(Poland, 1985)
19.Pokolgép-hallomas(Hungary, 1987)
20.V8-destrucción(Argentina, 1983)
21.Bitch-damnation alley(USA, 1982)
22.Steel-say goodbye to love(Sweden, 1998)

Just when you thought the days of the mixed tapes were dead & gone...
Back in the day before the internet, We all dabbled in trading tapes, perhaps some people have never stopped. I did well over 15 years ago.
I've been a member of a funny little secret society. Yup a underground elitist type message board that has existed for a number of years now. It's been a great way for me to stay in touch with current music, and has even helped me discover some music from the past. At any rate the board is almost impossible to get an invite to, as the administrator/monitor dude sorta has been impossible to get in touch with for a while now. It is a funny place to read cynical assholes opinions about everything from music to porn.
Every once in a while someone on the board will announce a "mixed tape trade". People who want to be involved will let the person setting this up know that they are interested, and then the person setting this up will choose who everyone sends their trade to. The guy who sent me my mixed CD's name was also Nate. Nate took good fucking care of me sending me a home made boxset of sorts, featuring Three metal CD's, "Power", "death", and "thrashing". The Cds are mostly filled with really obscure bands from ALL over the globe, some of which I'm familiar with, and others that I've never heard. Most the stuff is from the 1980's. This is the ultimate mix, and I've been driving around listening to it at work for a week straight now. Seriously some great Power Metal Up the Ass! Thanks Nate, I owe you. Please Comment if you download.

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  1. THAT DRAWING CRACKS ME UP!!! can't wait to listen to this beast

    thank you

  2. get me a invite my friend!

  3. this made my morning! thank you for sharing.

  4. Dude, The first rule of Nerd Club is: you do not talk about Nerd Club.

  5. so why is the pillsbury doughboy holding a chung king on a power metal comp? that's pretty damn funny.

  6. Matt...Charles has been bugging peope to get you into nerd club...its hard. It took years to get chuck in. You'd fit well.

    Ben, the pillsbury dude is a drawing done by Nate making fun of a certain poster on the nerb board who calls himself "LENNY".

    Thanks for the comments dudes

  7. is this the same mat gard that did the radio riot one sheet?

  8. Thanks so much. I really appreciate Charles' effort. I don't worry about it too much. I have enough trouble doing work at my job without more distractions. (and yes Ben, it was me that did Radio Riot)

  9. Awesome Nate! Thanks for this. The only band on here I'm familiar with is Manowar and they rule! Looking forward to the rest...

  10. Jeremy
    glad you found this thing. Must have had help from Adam? Are you still in Albany? I'm in Brooklyn now.

    If you dig man0war, you'll love some of the other epic stuff on this collection.


  11. An ultimate mix tape indeed! This is a metal lovers goldmine. Thanks! That drawing is fucking epic as hell

  12. Nate, I love your blog, tell the other Nate that we love his mix! stoked on you sharing.

  13. anyone who doesn't like this is a pussy

  14. that is a VERY metal thing to say!

  15. This is the best mix ever!!! this is spectacular. I hit your blog daily to see what else is new. keep it up please

  16. great comp! my favourite band on here is Crush, who just finally re-released their Kingdom Of The Kings album on to cd last month

  17. this mix is great. I'd love to hear the "thrashing" one that you mentioned.

  18. 'LENNY ' is this realy what he looks like ?

    not being picky but is it not Bitch 'Damnation alley ' not Witch ?

  19. have no idea what Lenny looks like. Someday I guess...

    thanks for looking out...and the typo help. Nate

  20. 18. Kat - Noce Szatana

  21. This rules so hard. Perfect ratio of cheese to thundering gallops of power.

  22. The Turbo song is called, "Szalony Ikar" and on the album Doroste Dzieci.

  23. just wonderful

  24. Excellent blog,tons of great stuff.
    Thanx for sharing it.
    Rare to see V8 in this comp.,they are for my country (Argentina).