Tuesday, July 7, 2009

BASTARD no hope in here (199?)

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02.flash out
03.never change
04.wind of pain
05.to the stumped underdogs
06.dear cops
07.the way to survive
09.tragic insane
10.spend your life
11.defective chain
12.moment of death
13.cause of civilization
14.slick plot
15.lasting power

I have rarely posted CD's, but this is a beaut that I think everyone who likes extreme music should hear. It contains everything by bastard, and was self released by the band.
People that read this blog or know me personally can attest to my love for the band Bastard. They are my all time favorite Japanese hardcore band. When Jim and I started Devoid Of Faith, Bastard were a primary influence on Jims Vox. Later we decided to cover a bastard song to pay homage to the gods("Defective Chain").
The 90's were not the best time for brutal balls out hardcore, but there were some stand outs for sure... Bastard were it for me. When I listen to this discography, and drive the streets of NYC, it makes me want to drive assholes off the road. It makes my aggressive personality even that much more aggro.
Whats not to love about this band? They play with a speedful, tight fury, that at times as is hard as the Cro-mags. The vox are a gruff barking snarl that scares most norms away in seconds. Through all this, the band still has melody and catchiness. This is a band I wish I had been able to see live.

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  1. for real. thanks Nate

  2. thanks uncle nate. classic.


  3. Thanks a lot for sharing this great band !

  4. wow, these guys are awesome. vox remind me of sheer terror.

  5. I miss yeah Kirk.

    not so sure the vox remind me of Sheer Terror, but I'll agree that they do sound as tough.


  6. Amazing band, thanks for the upload. I've downloaded a lot of shit from here so major thanks for that as well!

  7. same here. Half of my digital music comes from you nate.

    great stuff

  8. I have a tape of a tape of most of these songs - it's fantastic to finally be able to hear them in CD quality.

    Thanks very much for the upload.

  9. LOL!! ... at 00:33 of the first song the drummer does an accent but he's the only one that does it!!! i could see a random crash symbol hit and letting it ring out, but not damping it when no other band members throw a note over that, thats so stupid! either way besides that one absurd idea they had this sounds like great hardcore, the guitarist is REALLY fuckin good!!!!!!!!! when i first put it on i didnt like this but now im up to track 4 and all of a sudden loving it, very angry brutal stuff, thanks for posting it

  10. Stupid? Its Bastard bro.
    If you don't like Bastard you are no friend of mine!


  11. One of the greatest hard core bands ever. And this whole blog is fucking awesome. Cheers from Finland.

  12. hey there's a lot of good shit here...i've been downloading a lot of stuff from your site, pretty amazing...


  13. Thanks so much for this. MIIIIISSERYYYYYYYYYYYY!

  14. Awesome upload here. Got a favor to ask. Do you know the lyrics to Misery or Truth? Would love to cover those songs but have a hell of time understanding the singer except for "MIIISSSSSEEERRRYYYYY" or "TRUTH!TRUTH!TRUTH!" Any help ya can provide would be awesome!

  15. Bastard is playing chaos in tejas 2010, fuuuuuck!

  16. Ya....had to download this,somehow I missed this shit when it came out. Ya' their playing Chaos in Tejas with X(Aus.)and a shitload of other good bands,if you come down let me know. I'll be working the show,could most likely let you crash on our floor. Thanks for the muzac.

  17. Daniel~
    I heard about this. I would love to see Bastard... Its a dream actually. My issue is money, and time off from work.
    Sounds like it will be a hell of a show. Timmy ALWAYS seems to bring the best bands out to this thing. great dude.
    Have you and I ever met?
    thanks for the comments.


  18. I think we've met awhile back....I'm from Clevo,living in Austin now....did a label called River on Fire,put out the first 9 shocks,Gordon Solie,Boulder records,I think we might of traded records,at the very least. I know Erba and Wedge, obviously and Suree's one of my oldest friends. Anyways,if you make it down,you can crash on my floor...we usually have a handful of people over for the fest. Thanks again for the music!!!! Dig the site!!!!

  19. YES!!! Thank you! THis is the shit that got me hooked on hardcore!!

  20. That cover is great, now that I come to think of it, most of the times I pick up bands i don't know judging the cover art, I know that might be deceiving but sometimes it helps.

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  21. Hey thanx for sharing, cheers from latin america.