Wednesday, August 12, 2009

CUT THE SHIT harmed and dangerous LP (2002)

1. You're the Problem
2. I Went Away to Art College, and All I Got Was This Fucking Complex
3. Cut the Bullshit
4. Take Away My Pain
5. From Bad To Worse
6. Pushed Too Far
7. Harmed and Dangerous
8. No Control
9. Boston Cops
10. No Way Out
11. Scumlord
12. No Integrity
13. Love is a Lie
14. Apart
15. Your Night to an End
16. Dead World
17. Wwiii
18. I Can't Cope

This is another record that I put out on Gloom that came out not all to long ago. Cut The Shit were from Boston, and featured Paul from Tear It Up on guitar. Dude was genius when it came to writing catchy fast hc tunes. He was also the guy behind the bands artwork(yup, artfag). I guess Paul had met the other members of CTS when he'd moved from NJ to attend college in Boston. Andrew, the vocalist was in a band called Bones Brigade as well. Once CTS started doing more, Andrew had decided to leave Bones Brigade.
I'd known Paul from shows, and sharing past bills with Tear It Up(and Das Oath). I was in aw when Paul sent me the bands short demo tape. I contacted them and asked them to do a 7". After that the "bored to death" ep came out, and sold out all 1,500 copies almost immediately. Paul asked if I'd be into doing the bands full length. I was into it, and of course said yes. That is how the "harmed and dangerous" LP was born.
I think the first time I saw these guys might have been in Scott J's basement on Dana or Mrytle in Albany? I recall showing up with my roomate and pal Mark McCoy, and there being almost no one there. When we walked into the low ceiling basement There were maybe 12 kids there tops. The floor was an all dirt floor, not concrete, but dirt. When the band started playing dust was buzzing around our heads from the dust bowl these guys created. I recall that by the end of the set Andrew was rolling around in this filth, then picked up a handful of the dirt, and stuck it all in his mouth. That ended the set. Enjoy.
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CTS Live in Latham NY

Cut The Bullshit...
Exchange a smile,
but that's where it ends.
you judge a character by how they choose their friends.
so i say fuck you to you and your crew!
i'm glad i've got nothing to do with you.
try to play it cool, but we don't give a fuck.
it's all a fucking facade, and we've had enough!
divided we fall over the clothes i wear.
go fuck yourselves, cause i don't care!
it's all who you know, it's all politics.
i'm through with your games, i'm through with your shit!
try to play it cool, but we don't give a fuck.
it's all a fucking facade, and we've had enough!

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  1. hi
    i bought this when it came out. i see you have a copy on ebay with no sleeve, and on clear wax. how many of these were there?
    thank you

  2. hey fukin amazing work on the from pakistan and most of this stuff i wouldnt even have heard if it hadnt been for blogs like yours....i live classic speed / thrash / cross-over / make my day everday and muchos gracias for that

    just one thing : some of this stuff will never again see the light of day as a re-issue so how about a higher bitrate....the size doesnt increase much..stays within the mediafire limit but at least the glory remains...

    even if you dont, you are still da man
    rock on

  3. hey man, love the blog. any chance of getting cut the shit's bored to death record up here?

  4. nice music! sounds very old

  5. nate

    thanks for all the quality stuff. i thankfully got this from you on wax and shiny disc. thanks again.

    hope you are able to continue to do cool stuff.

  6. AWESOME blog! keep on the great work man, i discovered some real gems on this site ;)

  7. Got this from you when it was released, Nate. One of the best bands at that time. Totally loved the intensity of it with the non-stop feeling - apart from when you flipped it over, of course!
    They played here in Glasgow, Scotland with The Rites about 5 or so years ago & both bands were great. A really bad turnout, though. Typical fuckin' Glasgow punk farce, in other words.

  8. agreed!!!! One of the better bands of the early 2000's.

    My favorite by them is the "bored to deth" 7" ep.


  9. I'd never heard this before but I'm loving it! Thanks Nate!

  10. Band sounds cool and has pretty interesting lyrics, but the cover of this album sucks, may not be the worst ever but it really is nothing special.

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