Friday, August 28, 2009

V/A DEADLY SINS Compilation(1993)

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01.TERROR FACTOR-mortal agony
02.MAGGOTY CORPSE-holy inquisition
03.ERODED-sick yearning
06.VOIDD-the day after

Don't let the florescent colored Gaither art freak you out. Despite how ridiculous this compilation looks, its pretty crushing.
This was another gift from my Canadian buddy Simon Harvey, who back in the early 1990's was into turning his friends on to new and obscure music(I'm sure this is still the case with the dude, though I sorta lost touch through the years). He was a Japanese hardcore fiend, before many other trend jumpers of later. Simon ran a label called Dysgusher Records with this girl named Naomi(whom I also lost track of over the years). They both rapidly became pals of the Albany Hardcore scene, and would make frequent visits to our town from Toronto, supporting Albany bands, and checking out shows we put on(Dropdead, Disrupt, Hail Of Rage, Deformed Conscience, etc). Both bands I was playing in back then(Monster X and Devoid Of Faith)put early records out with Dysgusher, and we sorta owe them for taking interest in us when no one else really cared.
At any rate, I've been packing up my shit, getting ready to move again, and came across this one, and realized it was a perfect comp to put on the blog. It is an all Japanese death metal/grind compilation. Some obscure and sick shit for sure. Listening to it made me recall the friendship Albany had with Canada. My favs on here are Eroded, and Voidd.
Share deadly sins - 25 MB


  1. You were in Devoid of Faith, no shit?

  2. yes, from the beginning until the end.

  3. heavy man! thanx

  4. this record cover hurts my eyes.
    thank you so much for posting this stuff.

  5. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  6. most delicious compilation. I only ever hear Beyond Description before. much thankyou for introducing me to new grindcore metal!

  7. the cover art rules!!!

  8. yeah awesome cover art lol.

    hey guys, if anyone is interested I wrote some more information
    on this CD and the bands on it
    on LOCKJAW.

    but I add an update to it exclusively here.

    GABISH has a video on youtube.

    pier /fassby

  9. absolutely must have compilation for all metalheads!!! all songs just smashed out!!