Friday, August 21, 2009

V/A THRASHING Mixed Metal CD Compilation

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1.Wilezy Pajak-thrashers(Poland 1987)
2.Mondocane-violence abuse(Italy 1990)
3.Alazit-fuckups(Canada 1987)
4.Devastation-queen of death(Bosnia 1989)
5.Necromancy-submit to torture(USA, 1986)
6.Battalion-poisoned blood(Denmark, 1986)
7.Skyturk-the blank(Turkey 1998)
8.Aggression A.D.-green goblin(Canada, 1986)
9.Thrasher Death-koiety umieraja(Poland, 1988)
10.Nuctemeron-silent sorrow(Singapore, 1988)
11.Legion Of Death-terminal paranoia(USA 1986)
12.Chakal-children sacrifice(Brazil, 1987)
13.Torr-armageddon(Czech, 1993)
14.Flames-the hut(Greece, 1985)
15.Sindrome-cathedral of ice(USA 1987)
16.Outrage-horror night(Canada, 1986)
17.Second Hell-prophets of hell(Holland 1986)
18.Black Task-sex and destruction(USA, 1984)
19.Lethal Presence-find the witch(Canada, 1987)
20.Necromancer-rapid fire(Finland, 1988)
21.Gehennah-decibel rebel(Sweden, 1997)
22.Morbid Scream-morbid scream(USA, 1989)
23.Num Skull-dead(USA, 1988)
24.Bulldozer-fallen angel(Italy, 1985)
25.Infernal Majesty-anthology of death(1987)

More Again from a "tape trade"
I've been a member of a elitist type messageboard. It's been a great way for me to stay in touch with current music, and has even helped me discover some music from the past. At any rate the board is almost impossible to get an invite to, as the administrator/monitor dude sorta has been impossible to get in touch with for a while now. It is a funny place to read cynical assholes opinions about everything from music to porn.
Every once in a while someone on the board will announce a "mixed tape trade". People who want to be involved will let the person setting this up know that they are interested, and then the person setting this up will choose who everyone sends their trade to. The guy who sent me my mixed CD's name was also Nate. Nate took good fucking care of me sending me a home made boxset of sorts, featuring Three metal CD's, "Power", "death", and "thrashing". The Cds are mostly filled with really obscure bands from ALL over the globe, some of which I'm familiar with, and others that I've never heard. Most the stuff is from the 1980's. This is the ultimate mix, and I've been driving around listening to it at work for a weeks straight now. Seriously some great Thrash metal. Many Thanks to the other Nate, I owe you. Please Comment if you download.
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  1. Damn, thats a good comp from the looks of it. Can't d/l it unfortunately, but I do know a good bit of these bands.

    The Canadian stuff really stands out to me as some of the best stuff. Aggression is a fuckin bad ass band (not sure what the "A.D." is about though?). Their guitarist Sasquatch is a real nice dude too. Lethal Presence were pretty good from what I remember - heard em on a comp that also featured Sadus, Xecutioner (pre-Obituary), R.A.V.A.G.E. (pre-Atheist) and Betrayel (who I believe I've seen on this hurr blog Nate!!) Not sure if I've heard Outrage or Alazif, but their names do seem familiar. And i don't think i really need to say anything about the amazing Infernal Majesty.

    Legion of Death (i'm only guessing this is the one from Colorado) is a great band. Never heard their demo material, but their LP is some great stuff. kinda roughly in the Jim Jones And The Kool Ade Kids, Post Mortem, Slaughter vein.

    Other good stuff I'm familiar with: Chakal, Flames, Sindrome, Num Skull, Morbid Scream,

    Mondocane is the band that features members of Schizo and Necrodeath right??

  2. i have only heard of maybe 5 of these bands. many thanks

  3. cheers 1st comment but ive downloaded alot,i really love this blog cos its good to find obscure bands and stuff that i wouldnt know of not bein there the 1st time round lol

  4. demos for most of these bands can be found at this great site

  5. This is my first comment as well, though I have been checking this blog a lot for a few months now. You post some great shit, and this is no exception. Thank you.

  6. good shiiiiiit!!!!

  7. Im downloading it now and im sure it will kick arse.


  8. All of the bands on this I've heard (Num Skull, Morbid Scream, Infernal Majesty, Bulldozer) have become some of my favorite metal bands of late. I can't wait hear the rest. Mondocane is a great name for a band, those flicks are classic.

  9. Devastation is from Croatia not Bosnia

  10. Great post. I really liked this comp. Thanks!

  11. I love it.Especially since its includes Aggression (A.D.) from Canada.When I was a kid I first got them mixed up the nardcore punk band Agression. Ha ha.Check out Aggression :The Full Treatment

  12. Word em up. I listened to The Full Treatment a few nights ago after peeping this post. such a crazy record that was really a head of its time too. i wish they'd made another record, or at least stayed togetther long enough to get some of the recognition they deserved. I think they were already done by the time the record was released, am i right?

    Still don't understand all this "A.D" stuff though..(??)

  13. I'll also be posting the last CD that Nate made for me for this trade we were part of...It's the "death" installment, and features 23 songs of obscure international death metal.

  14. sick comp!!! thanknxx

  15. cheers bro some really good, obscure shit on here...

  16. I just founded this board, you mignt like it:


  17. Great blog dude...Devastation included here are from Croatia not Bosnia!

  18. HAH! love the comp. gotta love that random injection of gehennah

  19. Fenriz from Darkthrone put out a pretty ripping thrash comp for Vice magazine recently. He told me he just finished a proto-metal compilation for them the other day. Check it out if you haven't already...

    A couple bands on here are new to me so I'm geeked for this. I'm always eager to hear a new Devastation (Chicago Devastation reigns supreme). Thanks, man.

  20. Great post , thanks

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  22. Best compilation ever. I downloaded this from you two days ago, and have been listening to it 24-7. thanks

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  25. Hi!
    I'm from Poland. There are two mistakes in the tracks list
    -1st track- the band name is Wilczy Pajak (or Wilczy Pająk -with typical polish leters) not "Wilezy Pajak". This band dose't exist any more but its members still play music and are the legends of polish metal
    -9th track- track name is "kobiety umieraja" (kobiety umierają) not "koiety umieraja"

  26. hey can you re-upload this compilation id tried to find it everywhere and its impossible!!!

  27. Second Argeniz's re-upload request!