Thursday, September 3, 2009

RAT PACK s/t 7"(1985)

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01.fooled again
02.lost in death
03.after midnight
04.hometown hero
06.protect the rich

Good Morning friends! I'm still packing up for a move to the burbs, and have been pulling out and listening to old records and CDs as they also need to be packed away.
At any rate this is a killer six song ep that came out on Mystic Records. Most people think of garbage when they think of Mystic...not this one!
Rat Pack was graffiti I had first noticed in around 1985. It was scrawled on the steps behind the Stone & Broadway in San Francisco. We would go back there to drink and get loaded before every show. Metalheads and punks alike would hang back there. Many good memories of getting chased outta that area by the fascist S.F. cops.
I Finally heard Rat Pack in around 1987 over at Barry from RKL's place. My buddy Zoran and I would hang over there smoking hash & listening to Zappa. After leaving Barry's house I immediately tracked down the 7" ep at one of the zillions of record stores in the bay area.
My favorite tune on here is the instrumental, metal tinged "After midnight"(sounds like a Anvil out take)... followed then by the very RKLish sounding "hometown hero". Enjoy.
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  1. heroic HC for sure!! many thanks for all your great posts.

  2. good to see a San Fran punk since it got me started in punk with the mrr stuff. my folks visited there in mid-seventies and we made their San Francisco dish alot after that trip--choped burger meat, scrambled egg and spinach! I got a long see-thru purple dragon kite. But yeah..I got into Dr. Know stuff during the ninties (after the fact) and even sold back the Ill Repute lp I had then no more mystic like the others. Great write-up' at yourbog BTW:>}
    Viacomclosedmedown on youtube & Downunderground blog

  3. NARDCORE!!!!!!!!!!

  4. These guys were from Santa Barbara. The singer, "Matt Ratt" (Matthew Davis), passed away recently.

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  6. Is that true that when most people think of Mystic they think of crap? I think of the best fkn hardcore there was. Man, The GRIM, Aggression, Ill Repute, NoFX, RKL, unstoppable Comps, maybe its just that they think of that ahole Doug Moody. Thanks for the up, it is a sweet 7 inch. Did you by any chance get it at the Vault?

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  8. link doesn't work, can you fix it please?

  9. Is this the one that Chris Shiftlet from no use for a name and foo fighters played bass for in the last 80s?