Wednesday, October 14, 2009

HELLBASTARD-they brought death 7"(1988)

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3.they brought death

This post is inspired by me NOT being able to catch Hellbastard on tour a few weeks ago. I instead happily opted to check out the Rorschach reunion show the very same night. Both bands later played together in a tiny little space in Brooklyn, but it was so crowded almost no one I know was able to get in. Fuck it.. I'll wait another 20 years.
At any rate Hellbastard were an English crust core band who sounded like the Amebix, and Venom. The perfect blend of metal and crust punk...Great stuff that in 1989 had me enlightened and exciting to hear. I think I first heard this ep at my friend Damon Douglass's house. Damon put on shows in Schenectady NY, and was part of a small clique of political punks I used to chill with at shows. Dude moved out to the punk rock mecca in 1991 and now lives in Oregon now. Cheers my friend!
The record was hard to find the minute it came out. It took me 15 years to actually own my own copy.
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  1. best HB stuff.
    axegrinder croatia

  2. looking forward to this, thanks

  3. Nice blend they've got going on. I like deadlock the best.

  4. i got to play with them in austin last month!! thanks for the upload!

  5. godly! thanks Nate.

  6. thats nuts you werent able to get in because there werent many people at all watching Hellbastard. Rorschach was another story but theyre hometown boys so...

  7. can you up the bands first LP?

  8. I made the same descion that night and definitly don't reget it, Rorschach killed it.

  9. That is a pretty nice cover, I've always enjoyed the cover of most bands and have my set of favorites,a dn of covers that are just memorable, and this one fits that class right away

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