Sunday, November 29, 2009

TYS0ND0G- beware of the dog LP(1984)

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1.hammerhead soldiers
4.the inquistior
5.dead meat
6.painted horses
7.voice from the grave of the butcher the end

Man what a cool looking album cover this is, and I'm sure its partially the reason I initially bought the LP. If you've never heard Tysondog, well then your in for a real treat here. This is a seriously awesome, obscure metal LP that is melodic, yet really heavy and has some fast rippers on it. Its almost a speed metal record, but falls more into the new wave of british heavy metal sound. If you dig Manowar, the first Anthrax, or the likes of Armored Saint, etc. you'll love this one.
I recall buying this when it came out(or soon after), but also being sorta disappointed as there was so much new & different that was starting to happen at the time. Remember, The speed/thrash thing was just starting to take off, so this one was sorta wimpy for me at the time. It took me a few years before I rediscovered it and realized how awesome this New Castle nwobhm band was. The singer really could sing, and the songs were written with real hooks that keep me humming to the tunes, and looking forward to the next song. The band supposedly named themselves after one of the band members pet dogs. One of the songs on this appeared on the bands first ep... "dead meat" is such an awesome metal song.... its a real classic. I love the version on both records. Enjoy...
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  1. this is great. thank you Nate

  2. Scored this very record at a record swap today. Weird coincidence.

  3. it is not coincidence it is destiny!

    This lp was the first lp metal i found at a record store where there where like 5 or 6 record left, i buyed it along with Laaz rockit - city gonna burn. Tysondog is awesome!

  4. i love this record. I love this blog. please keep up with the posts. I read it like the bible.


  5. Cool stuff. Thanks for this (and the other suggestions in the post).

  6. Another extra rarity.
    This blog is wonderful!

    These records you give us are more than valuable to me.

    Thank you for all this good and true music!


  7. no problem. thanks for the kind words dude.

  8. thanks man! DEADMEAT!!!!!!

  9. A great find man. I am loving this Tysondog record.

  10. sounds pretty great to me!

  11. In less than a month we'll enjoy this one live in athens.Man i am so excited!!!

  12. Thanks a lot. Finally this will be re-released on CD in 2010!!!


  13. This record is rocking very hard.

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