Monday, November 30, 2009

ZOUO the final agony 7" (1984)

1.No Power
2.Bloody Master
3.Sons of Satan
4.Making Love with Devil

I wish I had the original of this one, but nope... I'm stuck with this 1990's bootleg instead. The original cover art is completely different from this generic looking ep. The original has the look of pure evil. I'm sure this has been posted on other Japanese worship blogs before, but this one needs the attention of my metal friends who read, and download songs from this blog.
My friend Simon Dysgusher/Ugly Pop Records was the dude to really bring this band to my attention.
As I recall, Simon would make these awesome compilation cassettes for his friends, that were just chock filled with great hard to find Japanese hardcore classics. When He first made me a tape that compiled the bands only record, I was sorta in aw because the band had such a evil,grubby, noisy metal sound to them, and Simon was known for hating most things metal('cept Slayer).
My buddy Jim MacNaughton and I must have blasted these recordings a billion times while driving around the north east to random punk gigs.
This is an essential recording, and just goes on to prove how fucked up the Japanese really are.
The ep is the bands only release, besides a compilation that also came out of Japan.
I'm pretty sure metal heads who have never heard these short lived heroes, will absolutely go bonkers for this one.


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  1. this is really awesome nate. thank you kind sir.


  2. Never heard these guys, but I do love the original cover art for this one too. I always loved Japanese metal records with Satanic/evil imagery on the cover too (i.e. Ground Zero, Sacrifice, Sabbat, etc). Satan sure was a lot cooler over there..

  3. jbm... so true. the original cover has such awesome imagery. I love this one. It is pure evil.

  4. Thanks for this.! If you any more Japanese metal/hardcore id love to get my sticky fingers on it.

  5. Formysins- you might peep these, just a few good Jap metal records from my collection that I remember off the top of my head:

    GROUND ZERO - Gate Of Death LP (Destruction-ish tech speed metal)
    CASBAH - Russian Roullette 7" (already posted here..)
    ROSE ROSE - Mosh Of Ass LP
    RIVERGE - Till I Die 7"

    I've got more and just don't feel like really diggin through all my crates right now, but if you peep these and want some more recommendations, I'd be glad to see what else I got.

  6. This is what I love about Black Metal, awesome! My I-Pod dose not care for it so I can only play it on the computer...still, thanks. Evil stuff.

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  8. unfortunately the boot also has a horrible sound. I will post the original sooner or later. totally evil, as you said.

  9. This is Evil as hell sounding! sounds great to me. Thanks for turning me onto this Nate

  10. this is great! thanks for putting it up! cheers from Canaduh

  11. This is a brilliant little record. Its in a similar punk/metal fusion zone as early G.I.S.M, but with a heaping dose of Satan. One of the best to come out of the Osaka, Japan scene at their time. ZOUO also released two more tracks on the "Hardcore Unlawful Assemble" comp. The songs structures are a little more complex and show that the band was definitely headed in an interesting direction. Unfortunately, they broke up soon after. Lead singer Cherry ended up in the US and worked with Pittsburgh's HALF LIFE. Not sure if anything was officially recorded. The rest of ZOUO stayed in Osaka, got a new singer and became DANCE MACABRE. Were very active in the Osaka hardcore scene and released several albums.

    Check the Cosmic Hearse blog for the "Hardcore Unlawful Assembly" comp. The blog Burning Japan should still have some DANCE MACABRE stuff up, too.

  12. Thanks for posting this. I'd never actually heard it. It lived up to the expectations.

  13. Everything is connected with devil and seems a bit scary)) But the music is really great!

  14. powerful and catchy recording!! just bombastic one, love this single

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  16. Bought this bootleg from Vacuum Records in the 90'S. Heading to Japan at the end of April, thanks for this.