Wednesday, January 6, 2010

CYANIDE-world peace six feet under LP(1989)

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1.World Peace Six Feet Under
2.Country Mosh/Cyanide
4.I'm Me , So Fuck You
5.Unstoppable Madness
7.Veto The Guido
8.Guilty Of Innocence

Yeah I know... there must have been a band called Cyanide in every town.
I really Don't know much about these guys other then that they were from NJ, and recorded this LP and a demo tape. I was pretty stoked to recently get this LP at a NJ record store for $4.99...
Cyanide played some pretty generic(in a good way)thrash metal. Sometimes the record reminds me of the Crumbsuckers... with less frills, and not as good production. The production is pretty raw and very harsh sounding. The guitar solo's are fucking awesome, and might be the one thing that keeps this LP from turning into a total crossover record. I love my metal dive bombs, whammy bar action, and hammer ons.
This one came out on the Mutha Records label. The label started in the early 1980's primarily putting out punk hardcore bands from New Jersey. Near the end of the labels existence they put out a few metal records. Thrash fiends will dig this gem.
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  1. your blog always makes me smile. Thank you for this

  2. i actually originally was drawn to this record cause I thought it was one of those other Cyanides. there was one that played a lot down Hurrrr in the South in Tenn and Ga. with bands like F.U.C.T. and Ghost Story.

    The record certainly didn't disappoint though. funny you mentioned Crumbsuckers. i never would have made that connection w/ Cyanide, but I was listening to the Eviction demo (Pittsburgh band) the other day thinkin how much they reminded me of Crumbsuckers' first record. i guess its mostly the vox.

    at any rate, another great NJ metal band that didn't get any props cause they were an NJ metal band..??

    speakin of hardcore metal from NJ, i've been tryin to push Fantom Warior onto you folks as far back the Blood Feast and Deathrash posts. anyone whos diggin on this shiz needs to peep Fantom Warior - "Fantasy Or Reality".

  3. Oi, Nate! After 2 days of downloading your stuff (and reading your comments), I just needed to write few words to ya. I'm also metal/thrash/hc/punk fan same age as you're (43, to be exact) from a little town in little state of Croatia. When I read your first comment, it really took me 30 years back in time when I also discovered bands like ACDC, Motorhead, Judas, Maiden, Saxon, then I started with punk, then hardcore and thrash metal, and I'm still in that music nowadays. Thanks for your nice blog and your collection. I collect all kind of music (in mp3, coz got no money for CDs, LPs...). I got over 27.000 albums and I'll never stop collecting. So, thanks again, keep up the good music and have fun. I know I will, for sure. Duby!

  4. Hi! It's me again, Duby. I forgot to mention that I have a lot of croatian and other ex-Yugoslavian metal/punk/hc bands that you probably never heard of. So if you're interested, I can give it to you somehow (by mail, email or whatever way you like). My email is Send me yours and I can send you my catalog to see if you're interesting in anything I have. Bye!

  5. I cannot believe there was so much metal on one place, that I didn't know about until recently.
    It's Metal Heaven

  6. You guys are really fast, another post and 7 comments already.

    Yeah I hear crumbsuckers too, but I also hear a bit of Blood Feast from the first album "Kill for pleasure", on the vocals, definitely a crossover record.


  7. Blood Feast are a favorite of mine!! I love the stuff they have put out in the 80's.

    I can see the Crumbsuckers influence on this Cyanide record.

    There really did seem to be a million bands with this name back then.

    Thank you for this rip!


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  9. cool! for some reason i own this record, and now i´ve listened to it for the first time in ..20 years. i totally get the crumbsuckers reference...daniel.

  10. ...and there´s some ludichrist in there as well..

  11. I wanted to thank you for favorable review of our album. We were 19 & 20 years old when we recorded this record in Staten Island N.Y. The record was under produced for sure due to the fact we only had a recording budget of about $6000 dollars, a lot of money (we thought) back then. The Crumbsuckers for sure were a big influence. Blood Feast and Mucky Pup were bands that we had played with. This blog page is way cool! Thanks for all the kind words about the band.
    Thanks again Kevin (Cyanide)

  12. Hey all!! I have to say I am amazed by the response to the cyanide album. My name is wingo walls. I played bass on the album and am greatful for all of the comments. 20 plus years later and we (Cyanide) are gatting some good feedback. Thanks to the persons who put this album up here for all to see. Feel free to contact me if anyone wants to talk about the good old days!!! Thanks again Wingo!!

  13. awesome that you guys found the blog. The record you did is a classic to me for sure. I'd love to get a copy of demo tape if you still have it. I'd up it here to share with all. thanks


  14. hey bros, you guys nailed it !this is dave from cyanide, the crumbsuckers was one of my favorite bands back then !they were a big influiance for me .by the way bro ,your site is killer, its nice to see all this music has not been forgotten !check out a band called rippen corpes ,, the singer had sick vocals . thanks for the props , dave ricci .

  15. Hey Nate,
    I would love to send you the demo, but as of right now I don’t think anyone of us own a single copy of this. We put this demo tape out in 1987. I still have the masters but not really sure how to transfer this from reel to reel onto cd.

  16. scully~

    what size reels are the masters on?
    someone you guys used to know must have a copy of this somewhere. I'll check with my buddy Charles who is friends with Duane of Some Records...maybe Duane has this. Also Pat Duncan?


  17. Hey!!! This is wingo. I have a copy of the original cyanide tape. I beleive, the last one. I am in the process of transfering the tapes onto CD,s. WE have pictures on facebook, check out kevin walls, pics on the page. thanks agin for the page and comments!!! Wingo!!

  18. Hey Buy Viagra,
    I couldn’t agree with you more on the production of our album “World Peace Six Feet Under” The production was under produced for sure. Our budget at the time was about $6.000 dollars to record a record and I will also blame it on our age and lack of studio experience. We were always looking forward to do another album together with better songs and production, unfortunately that did happen. But we do appreciate your kind words on the guitar playing.
    The Skull.

  19. Kevin
    I'm into it... and as you can see from the comments so are some other people.
    It was a time when Engineers really had no clue what they were doing. I think in some ways it ads to the charm of the record. I'd love to hear the demo. Nate

  20. Hey Nate,
    Good to hear from you. I think the engineer that was Ron Angel was fine we were really inexperienced in the studio. We have our demo and all the songs we ever wrote and played live on our site on Facebook. Just type in “Cyanide World Peace” We have all the songs including the four songs from the demo that was two years prior to the album coming out. They are all on the left hand side of the page.
    Thanks again!

  21. thats my uncle the singer to that band

    1. Who is your uncle from the band? Thanks

  22. Any chance of a re-up?

    1. Check out what was left on this blog about the band. Thanks for your interest Skull! ��

  23. Hi Nate, long time no speak. I wanted to give everyone a quick heads up on what we're up to. We have signed with Manufacture Recordings to re-release our'89 debut record and '87 demo included for bonus tracks. When you get a chance take a look. Thanks Kevin Skully~ Cyanide.
    Cyanide is happy to announce that we have signed with Manufactured Recordings out of New York to re-issue our 1989 debut album “World Peace Six Feet Under” along with our 1987 four song demo as bonus tracks. The recordings will be re-mastered in digital and available on CD, limited colored vinyl, i Tunes and Amazon music.

    Manufactured Recordings, has reissued some great bands early releases like Slayer, Voivod, Corrosion of Conformity and Cryptic Slaughter We are honored to be among these legendary bands.

    We are looking at a release date during the first quarter of 2016. Hard release date to be announced soon.
    We appreciate all the support we’ve had over the years and look forward to getting this out to the masses!
    Thanks again~~ Cyanide!