Saturday, January 30, 2010

FAFF BEY- back from the grave LP(1988)

1.I'm dead isn't that enough?
2.when death comes
3.S&m party
4.disgustingly depraved
5.the laugh
6.the plague you need a smash?
8.i'm the tormentor
9.holy bible
11.take your head off
12.chung kuo
13.back from the grave

These Finnish metalheads formed in around 1985, and have put out a slew of great eps and LPs. I bought this one when it came out mainly due to the Terveet Kadet connection. Two members of that legendary hardcore punk band have at times been in this band, and it shows in the riffing. The guitar solo in the Motohead inspired "the plague" is straight up cool.
This is the bands second release(after the s&m ep 7"). This record is pure no holds barred thrash metal, with just enough hardcore influence to make it the perfect record for me. You can hear everything from Destruction and Sodom to Discharge and Motorhead in this early stuff. It isn't ecspecially catchy, but that is what I sort of love about the record...Its evil and fast, with mainly short songs. Mediafire wouldn't allow me to up this in one file, so I've broken it up into two. Oh well. Enjoy.
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  1. Thank you! I have all their later albums in my collection but I haven't managed to find this one yet.

  2. wow. I'm always amazed at how deep your record collection seems to go Nate. haven't heard Faff Bey in quite a while. interesting band for sure.

    I went through a phase with Finnish metal - kinda like u seemed to have gone through with the German school Nate. after I feel in love with the first Stone record, i was soon obsessing over bands like Airdash, Dethrone, ARG, Protected Illusion, Prestige, Defier, Statue. and they ended up havin one of the sickest and most under-fuckin-appreciated death metal scenes anywhere (i.e Demigod, Adramelech, Depravity, Funebre, Purtenance, Convulse, etc.)

    Stone and Airdash are still two of my favorite bands from that era. i think those two bands did the "Bay area thrash" thing as well as anyone anywhere, and surely on the same level as say Metallica and Testament with the git wizard-ry.

    Word em up. now i'm gonna go crate diggin for somethin Finnish!!

  3. this is fucking awesome! thannks

  4. i do remember the Rippikoulu demo that had the horse on the cover!! looked real Amorphis-ish (first record) to me, but its just that perfect smoky, gassy, crawly, drawly, drippy Finnish death metal.

  5. ^I just wrote a review of that demo (in finnish). Musta seremonia will be reissued next week, by the way.

  6. Thanks a lot for the post !
    Haven't heard this record for ages... :-)

  7. remarkable stuuff my man! Thanks for taking the time out to do this blog. I want to see your record collection in person. It must be a monster.

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  10. I think the best of this band are the vocals, really, really great.

    The only finnish band I know from 88 ,or 89, is phleggeton but they were more of a Death Thrash Metal band.


  11. Many Tnanx!!!Great Band!!
    Hmm...Question ... Why on this rip only 13 tracks, not 14?Vanished track from side 'A'- "The Slaymaker"?...

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  13. thanks you! great thrash

  14. Wow this is a great one. Been wanting to hear them ever since hearing Impaled Nazarene cover S/M Party on the Motorpenis EP. Faff-Bey the only band covered with whom I was unfamiliar. Anyway it's a real revelation, I love this record. Thanks!

  15. This album helped me have one of the best nights ever!

  16. I am definitely going to check this band out and see what's all about, normally Finnish bands are not all disappointing so it wont kill to check on it,

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  17. Thanks for sharing it. I haven't listened their music but I will give it a try. by the way amazing review.

  18. The review is very good and so is the record and the band.