Tuesday, April 20, 2010

KWIK WAY-s/t 12" (1986)

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2.nations capital
5.don't stop
6.urban wildlife
7.pacifica on saturday
8.drink and drive
9.plane trooth

I haven't been keeping up much with the blog lately, as the spring has got me spending much of my time outside working on our new house.
As I recall Kwik Way was a 7-11 type store in the California area. I'm not to sure if they still exist or not? At any rate this Northern California band named themselves after the convenient store-food chain, they even used the stores logo. I think there might have been some sort of law suit over this.
I was lucky enough to see these guys twice back in 1986 and 1987 with my buddy Zoran. Once at the Mab and the other time at the Farm. The band were great because they poked fun at the punk audience, and just seemed to torment the crowd by telling kids how closed minded the scene had become, and they used sarcasm to try an get their point across. It was hilarious, People would get so worked up and angry screaming shit like "Fuck You posers!" etc. The band would be pelted with beer cans and garbage. They just acted like nothing happened, and would bust into some fast thrashing hardcore song, and the forgiving punks would forget how pissed the band had just made them, and would slam into one another enjoying the energy. The band didn't look very punk either. They were rad.
The lyrics on this album reflect all that crap. The band also recorded a killer demo tape with some of the same songs that went on to be on this 12".
1986 was really a great year for me, and hardcore in the bay area. I think it was my favorite year in punk. I was seeing shows at the Mab, the Farm, Ruthies inn, the Stone, the On Broadway, etc. Things had definitely exploded. Theses guys were part of that memory for me. Enjoy the tunes.
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  1. Don't get me started on '86! All the hardcore you mentioned plus all the thrash metal: Kreator, Destruction, Possessed, Slayer and I think even Celtic Frost all played the Yay Area in 85-87. What a time to be alive!

  2. Kwik Way was actually one of a number of cheap outdoor burger joints around Oakland. Not sure how many locations they had, but there is one down the street from the Grand Lake Theater. But the last time I checked it out, they appeared to have gone out of business.

  3. thanks. this one is awesome. I would love to hear the demo.

  4. thanks for clearing that up. Pretty sure it was a chain of food stores? It would be rad to have a Kwik Way sign.

  5. My name is Vincent Squatch Reese AKA Huey I was the former singer of Thrashing Hectic Circle THC from Livermore, CA. Little brother of Rev. Id. I am now a Cannabis Activist and still do a little singing on the side. Catch me at www.420lakenews.com Thanks to everyone that enjoyed our music.

  6. For those who are interested, there is a Kwik Way discog CD that came out in 2008. It is only about $5. Made by the band for the fans.

  7. good shit. Made me wanna scarf down a couple of burgers and wash it down with some beer. Thanks for the upload!

  8. I first heard these guys on some 80s compilation tape and thought the were rad but never heard from them again. Thanks for uploading. 1986 was the best year for H/C for me too. It always took a couple years for the good shit to filter up to London, Ontario, Canada!

  9. To second Brendan's opening comment, HELL, YEAH! The '86 was all about choice nubs, cold brewskis, killer green bud, painter caps and pregnancy scares -- LOTS of pregnancy scares. Damn, I miss my old El Camino! No topping the '86!

  10. Kwik Way was the burger joint next to Grand Lake Theater by Lake Merritt. You are thinking of Quick Stop, which was like a 7-11.

  11. I think a bands like this HAVE to come along every now and then to cleanse the palate of hardcore scenes which have begun to take themselves way too seriously. Fun shit.

  12. yea its a fast food old school drive thru... its still open in oakland at grand lake.. e40 had a video with it in it a few years ago

  13. Kwik Way Hamburgers is now out of business. There were 3 original locations: E 14th, Telegraph and Grand Lake. There's a rumor that an Oakland restauranteur is reopening the Grand Lake location as a bistro. They are keeping the facade and signage in tact. Will check it out if/when it ever opens.

  14. Two things to add here, the Grand Lake location did reopen. It is cool organic and vegetarian food now.
    The name came up because it was affordable local grub back in the early 80's for us broke youth. Burgers were like 75 cents in 1981.
    Scott Smith the singer of Kwik Way, he was the youngest of the 3 Smith brothers and one sister. Mark the middle brother was heavy into the Bay Area punk scene as hardcore punk emerged. 1981-82. Mark or "Moke" as he was known was a gnarly stage diver, when stage diving was brand new, hell slam dancing was still fresh on the scene.
    We instilled our drunk punk attitude into Scott at a young age and were proud to see him carry on with them when all the other music acts were "crossing over".

  15. Scott Smith was actually in Kover Band, featuring Kwik Way bassist Dave McCord on drums...Crai Thomas was Kwik Way's singer...