Friday, December 31, 2010

NUMSKULL- ritually abused LP(1988)

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1.the end
2.ritually abused
3.death and innocence morals
5.fridays child with your head
7.the henchman
8.pirates night
9.turn off a screw
10.kiss me kill me
11.rigor mortis

Yeah I know... not the best name in the world that's for sure, but this record stands the thrash metal test of time for me. The band formed in 1985 some place in Suburban Illinois, then released a few kick ass demo tapes before releasing this LP. The music reminds me of a more simple Bay Area thrash metal band with vocals that sound like they were straight up German(Destruction, Kreator, and so on). Its great stuff. They later started moving towards a more death metal sound. I got this one from an old Albany area metal head named Roger. He would hang with my buddy Luke and trade records with us. This one goes out to my bud Mitch from Bone Sickness who was asking me what I'd been listening to lately. It hasn't left my turn table for a week. Happy New Year All!

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  1. glad to see your posting again, at least semi-regularly, Nate!! still one of my fav blogs on the net, i've even gone back through some of your old posts from before i found your blog. Always great stuff.

    Anywho, this Num Skull Lp is pretty great indeed. always really liked the production, especially the drum sounds. The double bass parts sound really good. i haven't heard this in a while, but i remember really liking The Henchman, how its mid-tempo for a while, and then just takes off into the super fast part. The last few parts are just incredible. Most of my fav parts on this record are the really fast ones.

    This record always makes me think of the Hobbs Angel Of Death lp, which is also some really great, catchy death/thrash-y metal like this. and another great Chicago area band in this vein is Burnt Offering - s/t Lp. though they didn't have quite as good a production as the Num Skull record, still good stuff.

  2. I totally forgot about the Hobbs Angel Of Death lp... good call man. I'll be listening to this one tonight.

  3. Ha. u got it, glad i could help. your posts have reminded me of a lot of records id all but completely forgotten, so glad i could return the favor. Id been listening to Hydra Vein - "Rather death than False Of Faith" LP a lot of late, and i should have suggested that one as well. Incredible record. Cool cause the first tune starts with a very familiar riff/rhythm and then launches into such a bad ass tune - still blows me away today, and i can't believe they had the balls to start off an album (Their 1st at that) the way they did. if u dig Num Skull, Hobbs Angel Of Death, Rigor Mortis (Tx), Infernal Majesty, etc. u should peep that shit for sure.

  4. Ditto on the first Hydra Vein. Fucking perfection besides the cover art.

  5. awww, the cover art is GREAT!! in the eye of the beholder i guess, but if I know Nate -Which i don't, but based on album covers ive seen him comment on in various posts (i.e Mortal Sin - Mayhemic Destruction), he'll like everything about the Hydra Vein LP, including the great pink covver art.

  6. I found you. A while back a friend gave me some music he got from your blog. I really enjoyed it, especially Satan and Black Knight. I spent many nights working to those tunes. I'd been meaning to look up you blog to see what else you had. Thanks for the music. I'll be listening to Num Skull once everyone in the house is awake...headphones are killing my hearing.

  7. I hear lots of Slayer in this one! thanks

  8. thank you
    i swear you went to Off the Wall Records in lovely Madison Wisconsin and bought up all my old records that I sold for beer and top ramen

  9. i dont know if id compare this entirely to bay area style its pretty damn fast and i dont think they play simple, alot of riff and tempo changes, great record though i agree on that man. Fridays child is fuckin insane, and they play it all just as well live except for the bass player looking ridiculous sometimes - atleast in the show i have of them in 89. -dan from md

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  11. Heavy as fuck. One i can't live without! Cheers mate!