Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BLlND ILLUSION-the sane Asylum LP(1988)

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1.the sane asylum
2.blood shower
3.vengeance is mine
4.death noise
6.smash the crystal
7.vicious visions
8.metamorphosis of a monster

This is some pretty tech savvy Bay Area thrash metal that features ex Possessed guitarist Larry, and Les Claypool(primus fame). These guys were a long lived staple in SF in the 80's. They played many a show that I attended. There is just so much history to this band, that its just insane that they only released this one studio album back then. They started as a prog band in 1979, and moved then moved in the direction of metal. They released a slew of demo tapes(one that was produced by Kirk of 'tallica).
My friend Zoran and I were in the pit numerous times going crazy to "vengeance is mine" back then. The song still sends shivers up my spine when ever I listen to it. I love the production on this LP, its just so tight. You'd think with Les playing bass that it would be bass overkill, but its really not. Marc Biedermann the main dude in the band(only og member) really was a genius.

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  1. What a nice post! I loved the album back in the days and still have a vinyl copy of it.

    Thanks for telling the world about hat great record!

  2. fucking great stuff man! thanks for the history.

  3. Are you in the Bay Area? How the hell do we outsiders get to buy a real cd, nor mp3's of the new Blind Illusion LP Demon Master? I read Marc has one or two other bands and doesn't really care anymore after BL getting dropped and no record companies supposedly wanting to release new albums?

  4. Nah, Not any more. I left in 1989. It was an exceptional time to live in S.F. 1985-89. the Bay Area thrash metal, and hardcore scenes were seriously out of control. I pretty much saw everybody


  5. I gotta admit I wasn't that fond of the production on the album back then. I was listening to the 2-track demo a lot - the one that had "Smash the crystal" and errrr... one more on it:) - and loved the rawness that the album (of course) lacked, but that's always the case when you finally hear album versions you have heard so many times before on the demo. Probably stupid, but couldn't help it.
    Anyway... I think their new album (which is not exactly thrash metal anymore) can be ordered by mail.
    They actually recorded a 2nd album back then that is still unreleased (if I remember right), I hope I'll get to hear that one day...