Thursday, September 15, 2011

DIVINE MALICE-1985 demo tape

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2.Successor Of Death
4.Diamonds & Rust
5.Successor Of Death

Ok, this is the first recording I ever played on(sang on it actually). I recently recovered this while I was preparing for NJ flooding. The Flood had me delving into my old tape boxes which was pretty fun.
I can't recall where this one was recorded. There are only two songs on the actual studio part of the demo, but one is 6 mins, and the other is a fucking 8 minute long epic. I have no idea what we were thinking in writing songs that long, but here they are. The other three songs on the tape are live at the Shaker high school battle of the bands. The sound quality is pretty good. I think we won.. I forget, I got kicked out of the school before we were done playing.
The band was influenced by the likes of Iron Maiden, Trouble, Priest, Cirith Ungol, Armored Saint, etc. Pat Janidlo the bass player and I were pretty much best friends, and fellow mall rats. I'm sure the band would have done some other stuff if I hadn't moved to San Francisco. I recall lots of line up changes on guitar, and drums. The main guitarist was Mike Campese who went on to play instrumental prog-metal. He put out a number of solo albums, and is still doing his own thing today. Listening to this makes me happy and really takes me back to being 18 years old. Metal!!!

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  1. Who else did you sing and/or play with??

  2. Sean, I went on to play in a lot of hardcore bands. Romper Room Rejects, Intent, Monster X, Devoid OF Faith, Das Oath, By The Throat, Deathsquad, John Brown's Army, and a black metal band called Haxan(

  3. this is rad!!! thanks man.

  4. La media pinta.