Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The IDIOTS-Cries Of The Insane LP(1987)

2.freundschaft ohne ende
3.nuclear war
5.the loser
6.tage ohne alkohol
10.destroy my body

For some ridiculous reason I was really into West German Hardcore in the late 1980's. It probably had a lot to do with the awesome photo's I saw of some of these bands in Maximum Rock n Roll's European photo 'zine. I also had met and made friends with a couple of Krauts who had visted S.F. and turned me on to much of this stuff.
The Idiots were from Germany and were a band that my German buddies had compiled on a mixed tape along with the Skeezicks, Challenger Crew, Unwanted Youth, Tu Du Hospital, Spermbirds, etc. The song they taped me by the Idiots was the first song on the LP, "deathbrains". The song was so thrashy and violent sounding that I immediatly started searching for the LP. Of course in those days finding obscure non American Hardcore was a real chore. I think I finally got the Record from a trade from another German pal. Almost none of the other songs on the LP came close to the furosity of "deathbrains". The record is good, but kept me wanting more of the thrash I had originally heard from these guys. Tracks 1,5,6,7,9,10 are sick(songs 1,6, and 9 are the thrash standouts).

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  1. wow... never saw or heard of this one. downloading now. thanks for the info

  2. Hello,
    Could you help me?
    I'm looking for some mp3 files very hard to find, do you know where I can find them?:
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  3. Is it just me or does rock punk and metal in europe have much catchier instrumentation than american bands?? I can't understand a word of what they're saying but I'm diggin it like i could. I like tage a lot.. it's some fun euro-rock from the 80's.

  4. Hello!
    I m writting because i need help to find a band´s name!I recorded it in 1986 from a local spanish radio station and i never know about band´s name!Here´s the link;


    I will give a reward if somebody tell me the name!Thanx

  5. Impressive. Love it. Thanks for sharing. Keep posting.

  6. The Unwanted Youth LP is a total under the radar gem in my eyes. Sounds like a mix of Poison Idea and early Social Unrest.