Sunday, February 5, 2012

COLD WORLD-you're an asshole 7" (1993)'re an asshole
2.bad seed grows fine

The 90's were at times some what depressing for balls out raging hardcore.  Times they were a changing, and "diversity" had unfortunately infected the scene.  Bands like Dropdead, Man Is The Bastard, Disrupt, Voorhees, Bastard, etc gave us hope.  When I first heard Cold World in 1992 it automatically made me think of Heresy Meets Agnostic Front.  C.W. took the speed from thrashers like Heresy & Ripcord, and added the hardness, and vocal style of AF.  This was a breath of fresh air for me because I really wasn't ready to leave the sounds of the 80's yet.  This bands music, was always blasting in the background at a comic book shop I worked in in 1994.  The bands CD's and records were always for sale in my distro.  I pushed them hard on the kids who were buying punk music from me back then.
The first tune on this ep is a slow one, but the other three fly by fast.
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  1. Hey dude, this is great

    An awful lot of hc records from the 90s have since been purged from my collection but the two Cold World 7"s and the LP remain. I played them all the time when they came out and I still play them.

    I haven't seen anyone really mention this band since the stuff went out of print. I was still seeing the LP and "pretentious assholes" on distro lists years after they came out. I put that later 7" right up against No Comment "downsided" and a few others as one of the best hc 7" of the decade. Their drummer is right up there with Raul too, totally insane speed.

    My copy of this 7" has a big hole and a different cover. It's on B-core records out of Spain, always was curious if there were any differences and anything I might have missed by this amazing band?

    nice to finally see someone acknowledge this band

  2. saw these guys two weeks ago in Vienna with Disharmonic Orchestra, and they still shred.

    Most of them played in old Austrian Punk combo EXTREM in the 1980s...

    here's their discography:

    - "It's A Cold World" demotape (1988)
    - "Cold World" LP (Sacro Egoismo, 1992)
    - "You're An Asshole" 7" (B-Core & Sound Pollution, 1993)
    - "Pretentious Assholes" 7" (Sound Pollution, 1993)
    - "So Far So Fast" CD (Sound Pollution, 1993)
    - "None Of Your Business" CD (Lost & Found, 1994)
    - "Hands Off Our Music" 7" (Shortfuse, 2008)

  3. and and BTW Dierk told me there's a split LP with Extortion coming out soon.

  4. I have an Extrem 7". love it a lot. i never knew there was a connection

  5. Hi, amazing site, your musical taste often overlapse mine! But this ep is blocked because violation of terms or something. Have 2 CD's and 1 LP of them, no ep's. Any chance of a re-up?, cheers, Corehead666 from Holland.

  6. Follow up comment to 1st comment I left a few months back. Just heard the Cold World/Extortion LP that came out last year. I thought it was awful. Tuneless modern sounding 2012 hardcore. Gone are the Roger Miret vocals and replaced by generic modern hc scream. Maybe some of you thought differently but I gave up after 3 listens.

    Is this blog dead?