Monday, February 16, 2015

HAIL MARY-Demo Tape (1997)

1. an island of sanity in a sea of madness
2. a foot in the mouth
3. el toro
4. it made you sick
5. for what its worth

One can't think about Albany Hardcore and not think about Mark Telfian.  Dude stuck around the scene forever.  I met him in 1990 at a random show.  He usually played guitar and wrote riffs(Limp Wrist, DOF, Conniption, Amongst Ourselves, By The Throat, Death Squad)... not in this band though, this is his first time fronting a band and singing.  He had actually asked me to jam with him playing bass along with the the og guitarist and drummer.  I did it twice, and Mark smartened up and booted me because I was poisoning the others by telling them it was a Born Against clone.  The Og guitarist Jim Kopta passed away around a decade ago in a freak accident.  Really sad.  This band had way to many line up changes...over 25 in all its years.  At any rate here is the demo.  Enjoy it!


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  1. Booked these guys with 9 shocks terror and my shitty band Tarantula in our basement in Clevo. We bought a keg, the skinheads drank it all, ha.

  2. love this demo. my favorite line up. jim kopta was a genius. i feel like the band went downhill after he left

  3. Dan Crowell, who drummed on this went on to play in Black Army Jacket and eventually Matt Pond Pa for a spell.