Friday, February 20, 2015

JBA-Who fucked up the culture? LP

1.playing with fire
2.fitting the mood
3.clever like shit
4.scene through
5.fading like a bad tan
6.thought whats that?
7.convenience is the conclusion
8.another fucking love song
9.closed in
10.beyond a measure
11.kill a commie(Gang Green)

 JBA stood for John Brown's Army. I played guitar and sang in this band after Devoid Of Faith broke up. I really wanted to do something similar to DOF, but with an even more Japanese meets Sweden meets 80's NYHC influence to it.
I miss those days of having a scheduled band practice every week.  Simple times back then.  It really was a great time that in some weird way really was relaxing...or at least an escape from the other crap that was happening in life.  No matter what was happening... I knew I'd be jamming a certain night.
We started off as a three piece with Matto playing bass.  Recorded a couple 7"s with that line up, then we later switched him to second guitar, and added my roommate Eric to bass.
 I did most the writing, Matto did most the solos and Robb Cole killed it on drums.  We played lots of shows on the East coast, and then did a small West coast tour adding my old band mate Jim Macnaughton on bass.  Unfortunately he never recorded with us, and shortly after that tour we broke up(although I really can't recall why we disbanded).   I'm very proud of this recording.  The songs are good, and the recording is stellar in my opinion.  Will Killingsworth of Dead Air studios was the man responsible.  Best engineer I've ever worked with.

Download LP way below
for a sample:

Matto & Jim in San Jose CA. Photo by the great Murray Bowles

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