Thursday, February 19, 2015

SEIZED-Discography(1995-98) CD

2.remove all
3.the drowning mess
5.under the 4th moon
7.flee from reality
9.hand of doom

Seized were a very heavy Canadian doom-sludge band who didn't have a guitarist, but instead had two bass players.  It was seriously interesting to see live.  Metalheads and punks alike seemed to love these dirtbags.  Pretty sure they existed between 1995-98 out of Quebec and Sherbrooke.   My old band DOF did a split 7" with them, it might be Seized's first release?  My relationship started with these guys when I was introduced to them via my 'ol Canadian pal Simon Harvey.  He did a label at the time called Dysgusher, and thought that my other band Monster X would be perfectly matched to do a split 7" with his friends from Human Greed(who he had done a record with).  We ended up doing a split on Hater Of God, and spending lots of time with the Human Greed guys playing shows, traveling between countries and doing mini weekend tours.  When Human Greed broke up, members went on to form Seized, so we were backing them 100%, and loving what they were doing.  I miss Steph and Wag.  I have a memory of staying over at Stephs house in Sherbrooke, and waking up to his pitt-bull(Bum) humping my head and then stealing my friend Kerry's panties.  It took two people to get him off of me.  RIP Bum.  Pretty awesome/strange cover of Sabbaths hand of doom.  Enjoy the tunes.

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  1. this is great! totally heavy. many thanks never heard of this band

  2. Ridiculously awesome band. Thanks!