Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The VERGE- Habitual 7" (1983)

1. tradition
2. understand
3. picturesque
4. hypocrisy

The Verge were a great band from Albany NY that were around a little to early for me to see them live.  They formed in 1980 or 81 and were known to open for bands like the Ramones, and even Flipper in Albany and Saratoga.  This is my favorite Albany record from those early years.  So much so that I actually owned three copies of this rarity at one time.  Its not a hardcore record at all..  I always thought they reminded me of Joy Division meets Killing Joke.   Its a KBD type ep.  I've heard people refer to them as power pop, I don't see it.  Supposedly there is an entire unreleased LP that was recorded, then axed because the band broke up.  I would love to hear this...because at the end of their career they supposedly started playing faster and harder.  I hope a band member unearths it someday, and it gets a proper release on vinyl.

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  1. I SAw this band at Skidmore college with the ramones in maybe 1980. Great stuff. thank you FOr the Memory