Monday, April 27, 2015

BRUTAL OBSCENITY-its because of the birds and the flowers... LP (1989)

1. death is a damn good solution
2. its because of the birds and the flowers
3. straight & stoned
4. emotion suicide
5. Mom or Dad?
6. its cruel
7. 1,2,3…..
8. useless immortality
9. god is just a ferry tail
10. defensor minor
11. no more feelings left
12. hangover D.D.D.
13. the overtaking

I got this recently from one of my long time Blog Followers Julian(JBM).  Dude came through for me in a big way on a stack of crucial metal records from my want list on the blog.  Much thanks JBM!   What is shocking is that I had never heard this record until a few days ago.  I recall seeing it at Worlds Records in Albany NY for years and years.  I could just never bring myself to buy it due to the silly artwork.  The band was from the Netherlands and put out a bunch of demo tapes and two full lengths.  I'm digging the crossover brand of metal hardcore.  For fans of 80's thrash metal.  Enjoy

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  1. Wow, that's my old band! Thx for digging our music. 18 dec. we're doing a reunion gig. Grtz, Renske

  2. cool! thanks for commenting. Nate

  3. Nate did that copy really have this many tunes, or did u copy n paste the tracklist from somewhere?? i thought there were only 8 or 9 tunes on this album. funny what u say about the artwork, cause that was exactly what made me wanna buy this record!! i kinda thought with the band name, and the fuck-what-anyone-thinks artwork, this had to be pretty cool, and it didn't disappoint. i also liked that they listed some of their inspirations on the insert (including a pretty cool and wide range of bands), and "aciiiiiiiiiiiiiid" was the 1st thing mentioned!! Sixty Nine from Belgium were another Euro hardcore metal band i really dug that didn't seem to be on anyone's radar back in the day (at least here in the states).

  4. Track 9 to 13 are bonustracks from our Demotape