Wednesday, April 8, 2015

HAIL MARY-All Aboard The Sinking Ship LP(1999)

1. Grist for the mill
2. Man Overboard
3. Slipped Away
4. Beating a dead horse
5. Maimed
6. Crashing Down
7. In Motion
8. Diversion
9. Starboard bow
10. Flounder
11. Excommunicate

I love this LP, and not just because I helped mix and write lyrics to it... It is just a straight up great HC record that totally reminds me of the band Bl'ast.  Hail Mary were from Albany NY and were the brainchild of Mark Telfian.  This might be the bands longest lasting, and final line up.  They'd gone through at least 4 guitarists, 7 bass players, and 8 drummers.  The only constant member was the vocalist Mark. This line up featured Matto on guitar, Bill on bass and Jake on drums.

I recall that Mark took the band to NJ to record this LP for Vermiform and he had problems with the engineer and the rough mix.  He hated everything about the recording and couldn't get along with the dude recording it.   He convinced my buddy Devon(Dropdead, Monster X) and myself to drive with him to Tenafly NJ to Knee Deep studios to help him lay down the vocals and help with production(and help deal with the engineer).  On the drive there he told us that he only had full lyrics to four songs.  On the two hour drive there all three of us wrote the lyrics to seven tunes, then Devon did some miracle editing while we were getting ready in the studio. After laying down the vox Neil Burke showed up to help us with the mix, and from there we came up with this thick assed sounding HC classic.  This brings back fond memories of hanging around some really good friends and having an awesome time.  I miss those days.

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  1. An all time favorite of mine, right up there with Toto IV.

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