Friday, April 24, 2015


1. I win you lose
2. showdown
3. tension
4. tie me up
5. street smart
6. clever song
7. lost article
8. stand
9. same coal
10. promising
11. high time
12. you're to old
13. decade
14. anticipation

Since these guys are coming back over here this year for 4 shows I decided to post this LP.  I put out the U.S. version of this many years ago after befriending these guys, and touring with them 5 times.  The original line up that played on this LP is by far the best in my opinion and were completely unstoppable 15 years ago.  The drummer was a human thashometer…
My friend Mark become pen pals with Kenji(the singer) and decided to bring TF over to the West coast for their first shows in America.  Myself and the other members of the Oath flew out to San Diego where Mark was living to support TF on the 8 show tour.  Mark set up all the dates, and the entire thing was a huge learning experience for us all.  Mark and I drove to SD airport to pick these guys up on the date that Kenji had told Mark he'd arrive(a day before the tour).  We got to the airport, and the band wasn't on the flight.  We waited and waited for hours, went to other gates etc.  This was pre cell phones, so we had zero contact with these guys.  We ended up going back to Marks and really started to worry about things.  We had no idea what to do besides write Kenji an email.  The next morning(day of the first show)Max Ward called Mark and told him that Kenji called him and that they had showed up a day earlier then he told us he was showing up.  They had been staying in some sort of youth hostile.  We drove over there immediately to pick them up, and some how I got the money they'd paid the hostel back for them.  Kenji was so happy he was kissing and hugging us.  There was a huge language barrier as Kenji was the only member who spoke any english at all(and his wasn't so good).  At any rate the tour was amazing.  We all lost money, but learned a lot and had a ball.
Check these guys out when they come to the states in Sept of 2015.  The are playing in Brooklyn, Manhattan, then hopefully in Boston and Philly.  This LP is total D.C. Minor Threat worship.

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  1. Such a good album. Nothing they recorded before or after comes close.

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  3. Killer stuff! Any chance of re-upping the Comes 'No Side'?