Thursday, June 11, 2015

AClD-Black Car cassette(1984) car
2.drop dead
3.the day you die

During the early days of heavy metal it was pretty unheard of(or at least uncommon) for women to be involved in playing in bands.  Sadly it was a sausage party for sure.  In recent years having a female vocalist has sorta become a novelty.  At any rate Acid and Bitch were some of the first heavy bands I can recall hearing that had a female vocalists.  The band was from Belgium and crucial in my upbringing in metal.  It was due to bands like this that helped open my mind to other bands with female vocalists. Sadly I was a closed minded metalhead in the early 80's.
 I recall seeing and hearing a local band from Albany NY called Blacksmith at of all places Chucky Cheese's.  Blacksmith at the time had a girl singing for them.  I ended up striking up a conversation with the singer who's name was Heidi Black.  She was the one who clued me into Acid as it was a influence on her vocally.  I immediately went to Record Town in the Latham circle Mall and picked up the tape.  Thanks Heidi.

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  1. don't give up Nate!! I think your old readers gave up a while back and prolly have no idea your posting again. I remember Acid cause one of the older metalheads who i was around in my early days of metaldom had 1 or 2 of their records, but i was too obsessed with Metallica, Maiden, Slayer and the like to pay much attention. i don't think its "closed minded" to be skeptical of female vocalists in metal. Metal at that time was moving toward more aggressive territory and the female voice was (usually) just not ideal for that kinda stuff. That being said, i did kinda dig some female fronted bands from the 80s, esp. Holy Moses, Sentinel Beast, Detente (and others i'm forgetting at the momnt). the 90s brought the unbelievable Derketa!! i remember seeing a band called Dunwich a few times in the 90's who were a really cool almost-all-female (male drummer) thrash metal band.

  2. Still trying to find the Blacksmith demo.

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  4. yo solo quiero decir buen metal pero no tendras la parte trasera del disco de acid black car

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