Friday, August 14, 2015

G-ANX- Flashbacks CD

G-anx were a hardcore punk band from Sweden who existed from 1984-1992.  I absolutely loved these guys… even more so then the more legendary Swedish hc acts of the 80's.  Crusty hc that could go from generic punk, to aggressive hc, to weird metallic ballads.  Their stuff just always hit home with me.   This features the bands discography… a bunch of 7"s, and a split with Filthy Christians.  When the band broke up, members formed Counterblast who were doing a more Neurosis style thing.  One of my old bands was supposed to do a split 7" with them, but the label dude turned into a total flake and just suddenly dropped out.  We were bummed.  Lots of songs on this discography.    My favorites are the ones that start off as metal type ballads…"the beast within", toilets", "clouds of cancer" and "life".   My favorite song by them ever is "In Harmony".  It sends shivers down my spine and makes me so happy when I hear it.

Sample: In Harmony