Thursday, August 13, 2015

HAXAN- demo 12" (2004)

I played drums on this 12", and my best buddy Mark McCoy played guitars, bass, and did the vox.  We had written the songs, and then practiced them for a few weeks in our basement at Warren Street in Albany NY.  Mark had been living with me there for a few years, and we'd been listening to a lot of Beherit at the time.  We then piled my drums, my guitar and amp in my car and drove out to Western Mass to record with the brilliant Will Dandy at Dead Air studios.  I loved the way the stuff turned out and really wish we'd recorded more songs.  The songs we then put together as a demo to send out to prospective labels.  We didn't really get much response from labels besides NWN who had to much going on at the time.  I had been in touch with Beth at United Record Pressing and she mentioned a special DJ pressing they were doing…120 12"s with blank sleeves for a really great price.  I did the Bomb Builder 12" this way, and Mark released the Haxan on Youth Attack this way.  120 records, hand numbered with home made art work by Mark.  Pretty fucking DIY!  More fond memories of a time i'll always remember with a smile on my face.  Enjoy these tunes…


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