Wednesday, August 12, 2015

SIDE BY SIDE- You're Only Young Once…7" (1988)

1.backfire life to live a lie
4.look back're only young once..
7.side by side

This and the Warzone 7" are by far my favorite rev releases.  I unfortunately never got to see these guys live, but saw most all the other early rev bands due to them always making Albany NY an important place to play.  That had much to do with Dave Stein, and Steve Reddy living in the area, putting on shows and being down with that NYC HC scene.  Admittedly this scene drove me crazy as it was happening.  It seemed totally inclusionary, and like a high school popularity contest.  If you weren't edge you and your bands were treated differently by this crowd.  At any rate this ep is sick.  It sounds totally raw and pissed… but the songs are all totally catchy.

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  1. Good one. One of so many Revelation releases that i loved so much. I basically got into hardcore because of the NY '88 youth crew straight edge type stuff (as a metalhead, before this Cro Mags, Crumbsuckers, Excel, Beyond Possession - that type of stuff was bout as close as i got to hardcore). that was around 8th grade for me, so i guess i was lucky this stuff was fresh and exciting enough to me that i didn't really recognize the negative aspects of this scene at the time. So many great bands/records from this era that had a big impact on me musically (i never cared for the "message") - Burn 7" (i.e. Shall Be Judged!!), Beyond LP, Bold 7" (the one with Tom from Beyond on guitar), Gorilla Biscuits LP and 7", Quicksand 7", Swiz s/t LP, Reason To Believe LP, Vision - In the blink of an Eye LP, Verbal assault - Trial LP, Chain Of Strength 7", Inside Out 7", others. Nate did u like the Alone In A Crowd 7"?? i really dug that one. Prolly listened to that one more than the Side By Side 7"..

  2. I'm with you 100% buddy. I do love the alone in the crowd 7". I think they played two shows…sick of it all 7" is a ripper as well.

  3. Thanks! Just realized I don't have this 7" anywhere, a classic, much appreciated!

  4. Thanks! Just realized I don't have this 7" anywhere, a classic, much appreciated!