Tuesday, August 18, 2015

V/A TOGETHER 7" Compilation (1987)

1.Warzone- as one
2.Gorilla Bisquits- better than you
3.Bold- talk is cheap
4.Youth Of Today- together
5.Sick Of It All- my life
6.Side By Side- violence to fade
7.Super Touch- searching for the light

This ep compilation came out while I was living on the West Coast in the Bay Area.  I had been seeing Youth Of Today since 1985, but when I saw both YOT and Bold at the Covered Wagon Saloon in SF,  it got me to start tinkering with the idea of straight edge.  I was also planning a move back East to Albany NY so this crappy compilation helped to inspire me and excite me for that move.  My friend Kurt and I would sit around listening to this comp in his bed room, and wishing we could go straight edge.  It was crazy what kind of an influence these bands/scene had on so many of us during the 80's. relistening to this record made me realize that I was wrong in remembering that the Side By Side 7" is my fav rev release…to tough to call… Sick Of It All, Judge, Warzone, Side By Side… I can't pick one.

Share together compilation.zip - 23 MB


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  2. Nate did u like the Judge LP or just the 7"??