Monday, September 21, 2015

KURO-15 Song Fanclub CD

I hung out with some Japanese hc friends this weekend, and that got me thinking about this band. For those who don't know...Kuro are one of the more legendary Japanese punk bands from the early wave of 80's punk/hardcore.  Members were rumored to be low level muscle for the Japanese mob (yakuza), so it even made the band more interesting and dangerous to lots of us listeners.  Vocalist Morikawa and guitarist Hide are supposedly dead according to other members of the band, so thankfully there will never be a crappy reunion.
 I was first introduced to the band in 1989 by my friend Louis who was at the forefront of international tape trading (mainly Japanese and Scandinavian bands). In those days I can count on one hand Americans that I knew that were into that stuff.   I must admit that when I first heard the Kuro and Gism I thought it was awful.  It wasn't until many rides to the Anthrax club with Louis in his red pick up truck that I finally got it.  Those long rides and endless rumored stories about the bands finally broke me down and I finally got it.  Even back in 1989 people were paying ridiculous prices for these collectable records.  Obviously a lot has changed.  Now Japanese hardcore isn't as obscure as it once was, its actually become super popular and sorta trendy worldwide.  This is a boot that compiles the bands hard to decipher discography.  Enjoy the Tunes, download and share with the world.

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  1. Hadn't heard 2 members were dead before. They did do a sort of half ass reunion though didn't they? I have a "revival of death" single from some point in late 90s that I don't think I've spun more than once. politics behind the dissemination of music changed so completely since internet. so easy now to download your whole identity in 5 minutes.....I wish my Japankore newspapers from Brian hadn't turned dark yellow and then decomposed.