Wednesday, November 18, 2015

BIG GULP-Hard to swallow 7" (1987)

1.Hard to Swallow
2.Son of a landlord
3.tongue tied
4.fascist youth
5.Rock Hudson
6.Bossman sucks

I saw these guys a lot back in the day, probably way to much actually.  Live they always reminded me of a poor mans Murphy's Law or A.O.D.  because their shows were always so "wacky" and fun.  Sorta reminded me of what was going on in NJ at the time with all the Buy Our Records bands.  I recall driving my friends from Glee Club up to CT from Albany to play a show, and these guys were the headliners.  They also used to play the Anthrax a lot.  Years later one of the bands I played in drove up to CT to play and surprise... We played with the mighty Big Gulp.  I've been looking for the bands demo for years.  This 7" is a total dollar bin rager.  To really appreciate bands like these guys and bands like Affirmative Action one had to live on the east coast in the 1980's, and sit through the endless wave of NYC hardcore bands that played to large crowds of mostly straight edge jock kids.  I loved a lot of that stuff, but bands like Big Gulp were refreshing in that very dogmatic scene.  Don't get me wrong seeing Underdog, Sick Of It All, Warzone, YOT, and Judge every weekend was great, but like I said bands like this broke all that stuff up for me, and made me remember just how cliche and hyped that NYC scene was at the time.

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  1. i'm glad you found this. i have fond memories of hanging out with those guys and playing shows but, my brain has no recollection of their music.

  2. thanks for this blog and new tunes to me.

  3. Thanks for this but track 6 'Bossman Sucks' is corrupt and is just white noise.
    Great blog man.