Thursday, November 26, 2015

DEATHRAGE- Self Conditioned self limited (1989)

1.hard times are coming
2.killing for fame
3.U.S. of redskins
4.self-limited of death and white progress
7.masters of nothing

I love this Italian thrash metal album.  I knew it was Italian the first time hearing it based on the cowbell.  Total Raw Power influence there…haha.  But seriously it def has a European feel to the song writing and production.  I can see them being confused for a German thrash band as well.  I do hear some crossover in their sound.  Obviously these Italians were influenced by the likes of DRI, COC, Raw Power and the Suicidals along with more metal acts like Dark Angel, Exodus, and Sadus.  This came out during a time when underground thrash was exploding.  It seemed like there was a thrash band in every suburban town worldwide.  I miss those days of tape trading, and discovering new bands from everywhere.  I love the ant-satanic stance they took lyrically.  They dwelved more into social/political lyrically which probably comes from the crossover or hardcore influence on the band.

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