Saturday, November 7, 2015

DEATHSQUAD-Demo Sessions

This was recorded in 2002 or 2003.  Five songs in all were recorded by Will at Dead Air Studios in Western MA. For a demo tape we sold.  Four of these demo songs we later put out on a 7".  The fifth song "Attack And Retreat" we later re-recorded for the Youth Attack Records 7" that McCoy put out.  I've included the demo version of that song with this file.  Its the last song on here.  I think initially it was recorded for the Mein Comp 7" but McCoy decided against using it.  I think the song was to long to be on a 7" compilation with 9 other bands.  This was a fun band to do with my good friends Mark Telfian, Barker, and Eric.  More info and thoughts about the band if you look and read an older post I did upping the Youth Attack ep. We had an entire LPs worth of material written and practiced.  Just never recorded the stuff.  Total bummer, and a huge regret for me.   Enjoy the tunes

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