Thursday, November 19, 2015

GASTUNK-The Fans 7" (1986)

3.Fastest dream
songs one and two are in one track…

I was turned onto these guys by my good buddy Louis who turned me onto almost all things 1980's Japanese.  I hated a lot of it at the time, but this one hit home due to its heavy metal brilliance.  Most all my hc/punk peers disliked this one claiming it was to metal.  Yup.. metal it is.  Catchy and anthematic.  Side B is def weird, really no idea what they were thinking but I like it just the same. Most people will hate it (unless you like Loudness mixed with free jazz).  Gastunk featured ex members from Lip Cream, The Comes, Execute, etc.The only problem I have with this record is that side B's "fastest dream" is so long that it kinda fucks up the sound of the song by the very end the quality gets worse … its over 7 mins. long.  I found this one in the water logged back room of Worlds Records in Albany NY.  Took it up to the counter with its $2.99  price sticker on the sleeve hoping that Buzz (the dude behind the counter) wasn't going to charge me some inflated price like they sometimes did.  He put down his acoustic guitar and charged me $2.99.  I left a very happy camper.

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