Wednesday, November 25, 2015

GLEE CLUB-Looking 7" (1989)

1.Elephant head
3.Not to late
4.Role model
5.These Things

When I first moved back to Albany NY from S.F.  in around 1989 I met Brian who was the drummer of Glee Club skating at the Empire state plaza.  He proceeded to introduce me to a lot of great friends that I still have today.
This record has a lot of meaning to me because its the first record I was ever involved in putting out, and everyone involved were dear friends.  There were three or four of us that lived in the Albany area that loved watching Glee Club live and we wanted to help them get something out.  I had just moved back from California and couldn't stop using the term Hella cool for everything, so it became the name of our label.  Glee Club were like 15 and 16 year old kids who loved having a good time and playing hardcore shows.  I personally drove these guys down to Inner Ear studios to record because they worshipped that D.C. scene.  The record didn't turn out as raw as the band sounded live, but the songs are all catchy and hold a special place in my heart.  These straightedge kids were influenced by the Descendants, 7 Seconds, the Clash and Minor Threat.  These guys sounded emo before any of us knew of the word.

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  1. It's taken me years to find anything by Glee Club since first hearing about them when I moved to the Capital Region in 1992. Thank you for posting.

  2. thanks! been looking for this ep forever. never saw the yellow cover version. limited?