Tuesday, November 10, 2015

MEATWAGON- Drink, Fight, Fuck 7" (1989)

1.drink, fight, and fuck
3.evil twin
4.econo buy more beer
5.I am god syndrome
6.calling all cars

These guys formed in around 1987 out of San Diego California. The band was overlooked in my opinion mainly because they were a " D. Moody" Mystic Records band.  Everyone I know hated this label based on its bad reputation, and to this day Many are still writing off most the bands on label as a waste of wax.  Moody is still alive and well into his 80's.  Myself I loved much of the labels output, specifically RKL, Dr. Know, and Ill Repute.
Brief history for those not familiar with the label:
Dude bought a studio in LA in the 1980, and converted it from a 2 track studio into an 8 track studio.  He would approach punk/hardcore bands about recording there, and putting out a record on his label.  He charged the bands to record at the studio and then worked that payment against future royalties of the record he put out.  Many of the bands claimed to be ripped off because of this way of doing business.  Between 1982-1989 the label released over 200 punk/hardcore records.  Pretty crazy...
At any rate I love this thrashy beast.  Enjoy the tunes!

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