Sunday, November 8, 2015

SANHEDRIN- Answer The Call 7" (1993)

1. Answer the call
2. When the antlers collide

Elk Metal!!!  This is one of the many projects/bands that Jim Konya did before his untimely demise in October of this year.  Far to young...Dude was a total in it for life raging metalhead who played drums in Nunslaughter, Apartment 213, The Spawn Of Satan, Hangnail, Schnauzer, Satanic Threat, Sloth, Blood Of Christ and many, many more.  This is one of the many records he gave me over the years. Dude would just hand you a pile of records if he knew you and thought you would appreciate the stuff.  This is an obvious parody band that he did on a 4 track in '93.  A cool project that only recorded these two songs.  Mix viking metal with Carcass and some low fi grind and you have Sanhedrin.  RIP Jim Konya, you'll forever be missed by metalheads and punks everywhere.

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