Wednesday, January 20, 2016

INSANIAC- Psychomania Demo tape (1987)

2.quiet of death
4.rabid fire
5.apocalypse warrior

More NJ thrash metal that is some how connected to No Refund.  These guys were from Bloomfield NJ I believe.  The song "Circle Of Death" is the winner on this tape.  It totally reminds me of early Exodus.  Most the other songs don't have that same feel, but are still above average neck snapping thrash.  The stuff is def influenced by the Bay Area thrash metal scene. This is the bands 2nd demo tape.. they released 6 of them.  Pretty sure someone released a Dbl LP with all the demo's on it? Enjoy...

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  1. Man, u been posting some good stuff. The Brutal truth demo, Deathrage, MOC/Fratricide. all great stuff. can't even keep up. I remember the name Insaniac - i think they may have had some connection to Fantom Warior who i was a big fan of, not sure. NJ had some good thrash metal though. Blood Feast, Whiplash, Fantom Warior, Gothic Slam. i'm sure i've forgotten a few. Didnt Nuclear Assault and Overkill have NJ ties?? There were some really cool and very original death metal bands from NJ in the early 90's too. There was a really cool technical style that seemed to be unique to bands from there - Human Remains, Psychosis, Damonacy, Nokturnel, others.