Wednesday, March 2, 2016


2.psychonaut children of shadows

This is a demo tape I played drums on along with fellow Maplewood New Jersey friends Zack, and Jenn.  I met Zack at the local jiffy Lube...dude was wearing a Sleep shirt so I had to have a conversation.  We realized we'd had many friends, and the love for similar music in common.  We both liked the idea of playing instruments that we hadn't normally played in bands, and we both wanted to jam on some heavy or harder pysch influenced riffs.  Jenn I'd known for years, and I told Zack that I thought she'd be the perfect bass player for what we were doing. The band is a really slow work in progress, but we love what we are doing and we have a 7" coming out in April.  Enjoy these four tunes.

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