Saturday, April 2, 2016

SePTIcDeATH-Live in L.A. (1984)

This has been making the rounds on a few obscure punk/hardcore mssg boards recently.  Supposedly the only L.A. gig that S.D. ever played.  19 songs on this tape from one of the greatest American hc bands of all times.  Enjoy!

Share Septic Death (US) live @ Cathay De Grande. Los Angeles. USA. 29th March 1984 - - 68 MB


  1. Holy sheep shit, Batman!!! I been hearing of this for years, but unable to track it down!! You-are-the-rule!!!
    No Beast So Fierce Blog

  2. From what I hear, and I know people who were there, this was recorded at the Cathay de Grande, and that one live photo you always see of them is from this show too.