Wednesday, August 3, 2016

TURMOIL Demo Tape (1990)

1. Brutal Agony
2. Infernal Psychosis
3. Judgement
4. Worthless Soul

This band was from the Bay Area and was originally called Apocalyptic Judgement (I liked that name better, so brutal).  The band featured a buddy and ex band mate of mine named Zoran Theodorovic.  Zoran Played guitar with me in the Romper Room Rejects, and then did this band (singing) after we broke up.  Turmoil also featured Ken Sovari who was the second Autopsy bass player.  Ken played on the 1988 "critical mass" demo.  Turmoil existed from between 1988-91 and played loads of local metal shows.  Zoran is still active today in underground/extreme music.  Dudes been a bay area staple since 1985.  Enjoy!

  Share Turmoil (1990 Demo).zip - 36 MB

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