Friday, June 8, 2007

Clown Alley-circus of chaos LP (1986)

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1. The Lie
2. Unplugged
3. In The Cartoon
4. On The Way Up
5. Uranium Miner's Daughter
6. Pet Of A Pig
7. The Grey Men
8. Envy
9. Theme
10. The Second Day
11. The Prey

Clown Alley were one of the first bands I saw live when I moved out to the Bay Area in the mid 80's. I was in total awe watching the band go crazy, looking normal as fuck but playing melodic, simple, yet very original sounding thrash. The band had more then one female member when I first saw them. The band sounded metal as fuck, but didn't really fit the part..
When circus of chaos came out my buddy Zoran and myself found ourselves spinning the record almost daily. The production is insane on this LP, and has some wicked melodic guitar wanks that just get stuck in your head. The band featured 3 members in its lifetime that went on to play in the Melvins.
This LP came out on Alchemy records (also did some RKL, and Poison Idea).
Its a shame that this is all the band did...

download the LP
download the 1985 demo below


  1. Thanks for the post! I was really into these guys "back in the day" and it's nice to hear the LP and demo again.

  2. saw these guys with Suicidal tendencies and maimed for life in 1984, they had a girl bass guitar player that chilled with me after i was in the pit during suicidal...

  3. Right on dude, these guys were always great to see live, thanks for the memories!

  4. Nice to see this. Got the bassist to do an interview (by mail!) for my little NC zine back when I was only 15. Hail them unified days.

  5. Thanks man. If I remember correctly, wasn't this chick the daughter of Shirley Temple?

  6. Thank you kind sir 8)

  7. Thank you. This is one of my favorite records of all time. I think their rhythm section ended up in the Melvins for a couple of records.

  8. Anyone know the bitrate of this upload?

    I'm thinking about buyingthe reissued cd with bonus thracks from Southern Lord, but spent too much money on other things the last 2 months and can't buy anything else for a very long time.

  9. She´s Lori Black. She recorded a lot of albums with Melvins also my favorite one "Bullhead" and now rides the amazing ACID KING!

    Thanks for the post!!

  10. It's an important band and anyone can understand their lyrics, they're so professionals, if we can used that expression.... I mean all is about sounds and riots! I think you'd add more about it, specially if you get new and atypical bands like this one.

  11. Help...really want this album, anyone have updated link? Thanks!