Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CLEANSE THE BACTERIA compilation LP (1985)

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Side one
1. 7 Seconds: "Regress No Way", "We're Gonna Fight"
2. Civil Dissident: "20th Century Holocaust Pt. II, Death for a Buzz"
3. Instigators: "53rd State", "The Blood is on Your Hands, Free (You're Not)"
4. Siege: "Sad But True", "Cold War", "Walls"
5. Corrosion of Conformity: "Kiss of Death"
6. Crude SS: "Nazi Go Home", "Spräng Alla Kommunhus"
7. Akutt Innleggelse: "Tenk Nå!"
8. The Execute: "Slash" (Live)

Side two
1. Part 1: "Black Mass"
2. Poison Idea: "Typical", "Die on Your Knees"
3. Genocide Express: "Genocide Express", "Factory"
4. Inferno: "Wir Sind Schon Tot", "Freitod"
5. Mob 47: "Fred & Rättvisa", "Sjuk Värld", "Nedrusta Nu", "Snuten Styr"
6. Septic Death: "Terrorain", "Change"
7. Enola Gay: "Grav Et hul", "Enola Gay"
8. Holy Dolls: "Beast of the Apocalypse"
9. Zyklome A: "People Die", "Angry Face"
10. Extrem: "Nazi Raus"

I Can't really remember where I discovered this classic compilation, but I'd guess it was in Thrasher Magazine, or maybe Maximum Rock n Roll. I know that when I saw the artwork I was in aw, and it looked so metal to me that I knew you couldn't go wrong buying the record. This one is as important to my varied international taste in music, as the Peace comp, or the Welcome to 1984 compilation.
I was already familiar with and had seen C.O.C., 7 Seconds, Septic Death, and Poison Idea, but being exposed to the likes of Crude SS, Siege, Inferno, Mob 47, the Execute, and Extrem was just mind melting back then. I soon was out buying other international compilations, and records by bands throughout the entire world. I think I wrote to every bands address on the back of this record. For me it was the first time I'd written to Holland, Sweden, Austria, and Japan looking to buy punk records & demo's.
Seems so unreal to me 25 years later that we didn't have computers, or cell phones, but instead wrote letters to people who possibly didn't speak the same language, and might not get the letter. We'd just stuff an envelope with a letter, $3 dollars and some stamps in hopes that we would hear back from bands half way across the globe. I spent a lot of time doing this, as most of us did in these days. It truly was difficult to find and expose yourself to new and different music back then. I'd have been lost with out the likes of Pushead, Tim Yo, etc. People who lived outside this bubble clearly thought people like us were crazy to be spending so much time, and obsessing over something that seemed so under the radar.


  1. thankyou! another brilliant post. my regards to you my friend. you have made my day

  2. I couldn't agree with you more "This one is as important to my varied international taste in music, as the Peace comp, or the Welcome to 1984 compilation." I did the same thing you did with writting to bands from the information they supplied on these comps. Among my many regrets in life is not doing that a hell of a lot more it was always such a satisfying experience getting in touch with punk/hardcore/metal folks around the world. Flipside and MRR were great for that to in mailing out for stuff based on good or bad reviews. Thanx for sharing the music and your memories. Justin

  3. Justin
    yeah, it seems like an important part of that community or sub culture that has gotten lost in the sea of "progress".


  4. Great stuff!
    Pushead was a god to so many of us. Does he still do art and records?
    I hav not heard anything about him in ages.

  5. this is my fave compilation ever... had it on tape (dubbed tape) and i already know it from start to finish...

    pushead still makes album covers... i dunno if he still make music (band/label)

  6. What an incredible album. I love the Mob 47, Septic Death, 7 Seconds and Inferno tracks especially (already have all of Sieges amazing stuff as well).

  7. If we were living in the same town, we would have been great friends. My life, seems similar to yours.
    Please keep up with the NWOBHM posts. Its the stuff I really look forward to on your blog, although records like this one make me so happy to hear and think about again. thankx

  8. Crazy coincidence! I just found this in a used bin a couple weeks ago. Vinyl plays perfectly, the cover just a tad worn. Amazing art by the always reliable Pushead. Know anything about the pressing info? How many, etc...?

  9. I ordered mine from Pushead thru his MRR ad and it came with an extra black vinyl 12" with about 7-9 tracks. I was on a speed (rpm) binge at the time and Mob47 and Seige just blew my skull wide open.

  10. I need this vinyl!

  11. Thank you. I had totally forgotten about this one. Nice to hear it again.

  12. nothing could top that feeling of getting a tape in the mail, be it from a japanese punk, a detroit skinhead, or some other weird soul. hand written track listings, the hiss of vinyl dubbed to cassette, the fragments of whatever was taped over blaring at the end of the album...The internet indulges, but does not satisfy.

  13. agreed. Getting weird tapes in the mail in the 80's was a high light in any day one might arrive. Killer blog by the way. Thanks for the posts, stories, and music.

  14. This brings back a flood of good memories. I havn't been by the blog in a while and I'm wondering why I have been denying myself?

  15. There were a lot of comps that meant the world to me back then, and still get the memories flooding... They also exposed me to new shit. the peace comp of course..welcome to 1984, wild riders, master tapes, This is Boston not LA, the list goes on...


  16. Thanks for that one. Is this your rip? I ask because this transfer seems to be faulty - like all the rips of Cleanse before, this one suffers from skips on the Septic Death track Terrorain.