Monday, September 7, 2009

V/A- LETHAL NOISE #2 Tape compilation(1987)

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side A
1.FORETHOUGHT-going on out there
2.RABID LASSIE-contragate
3.RABID LASSIE-rabid lassie
4.STIKKY-republican children
5.STIKKY-on top of the world
6.BASIC RADIO-there is a place
7.BASIC RADIO-lone helmet
8.SKIN YARD-single file
9.SKIN YARD-out of the attic
10.TOUCH ME HOOKER-it's so easy
12.NEW VULGARIANS-rock and ice
side B
13.SEWER TROUT-sewer trout for president
16.SWEET BABY JESUS-baby baby baby baby I love you
17.SWEET BABY JESUS-at the movies
18.LOOKOUTS-recycled love
19.KOEL FAMILY-florence
20.KOEL FAMILY-stab stab stab
21.SHORT DOGS GROW-whirlwind
23.CORRUPTED MORALS-quality control
24.NOFX-bob turkey
25.MOTO STILL BIRTH- moto still birth
26.MOTO STILL BIRTH-video babies
27.FAKE STONE AGE-big fat space fever
28.ISOCRACY-fuck this

This was compiled and put together mostly by David Hayes of Very Small Records at the MR&R house back in 1987, prior to when he started releasing records. Most of the stuff is taken from the bands demo's, live sets, etc. My Friends/neighbors Eric and Janis asked me if my band the Romper Room Rejects wanted to appear on a compilation tape. I of course said yes... the band recorded one track that I wrote called "challenger". I was stoked to later on get a copy of the hand made tape, and see that my favs Corrupted Morals and Rabid Lassie were also on the tape. I couldn't have asked for much else back then. The tape comp was enough to kick us in the ass enough to motivate us to record a demo at Gilman street later that year. Not much became of that, we just gave it to some friends, and sold a few copies through the mail and at shows. I upped that demo a few years ago... for some reson it doesn't come up in the search function. Here is the url. (
All the bands on this tape were bands that you would see around town playing in either S.F. or Berkley during 1986-1988. The stand outs for me on here are Rabid Lassie, Corrupted Morals, Basic Radio(who were pre Operation Ivy), Touch Me Hooker, NoFX, Soup, and Stikky.
Skin Yard sound like David Lee Roth era V.H. I hated it then, but sorta dig it now.
This tape is 22 years old now, and sounds pretty great. There is a dropout in the first song by Forethought, but otherwise the tape is pretty right on. Listening back to this makes me realize once again how lucky I was to be in the Bay Area, and involved in the "scene" during this time period.


  1. no doubt you were lucky to be in the Bay Area at that time.

    what a line-up!

    i love this band Sweet Baby Jesus, they have some really cool songs on that MRR "turn it around" compilation.

    thanks for sharing!

    STIKKY!!! whoa


  2. This comp fucking rocks.... Nofx track forever shits me up!

    Sorry bout the shameless plug, but here's my bands new album..

    Edible Phlegm - Bring The Pain

    Feel free to reupload and freely pass on :)

  3. I've been looking for this for a while. Thanks for posting it.

  4. awesome comp! It'd be sweet to hear more of Stikky.

  5. search on here buddy. I posted both demo's about two years ago I think. Nate

  6. WOW!!! seriously. this is a relic

  7. From the man who famously said he left California because he was 'sick of all that Isocracy shit'. I still have the tape. I picked it up at Ashby BART flea market for a dollar ages ago. Thanks for the digital one, and all the rest!

  8. Basic Radio - There's A Place! such a good song!!! Tim and Matt wayy back in the day!

  9. There are 12 tracks in each side of the cassette, how is that possible? not even a CD can hold that much music in .wma format. cool.

  10. I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months but didn’t realize (until now) that you were a member of Romper Room Rejects. Doh! Last year I downloaded Lethal Noise #2 from David Edward Hayes’ site ( What a crazy small world. Thank you for all the great posts!

  11. Oh my god, thank you, thank you, thank you for the download!


  13. Please Reupload!!! Link Not Working

  14. Lethal Noise wasn't put together by David Hayes. Me and Carmela Thompson (Short Dogs Grow) put it together and sold it as a home made cassette through Maximum Rock & Roll. the reason it might seem like David Hayes put it together was because he used quite a lot of our comp as his compilation Bay Mud. I'm not suggesting that David stole our comp though. he asked us, and we said "Sure feel free to do whatever you want", as we were just trying to get the word out about the bands in our local scene. but it was Carmela and I who went around to all of the bands and asked them if they wanted to be on the comp, got the tapes from them, compiled it, and then individually duped every copy. oh, and Janis Tanaka did the artwork for Volume 1. the artwork for volume 2 was sent in by someone who had bought Volume 1.

    1. Emeade thanks for the info. I'm creating a pretty extensive timeline of punk/college rock, any idea what month in 1987 this was put out? Thanks a lot!

  15. Looking for the Volume One, anyone can help? Thanks.