Saturday, January 28, 2017

NO LABELS- Society's Problem CD 1982-1983

This CD has a whopping 47 songs on it, way to many for me to list.   It consists of the Raleigh, North Carolina bands 1982 Jane Doe demo, a bunch of compilation tracks, and a live set.  Total nerdum for hardcore freaks.  For those unfamiliar No Labels were pre C.O.C. (Woody on Bass, and Reed on Drums).  I had only ever heard a few of the bands comp tracks, and then later on the No Core stuff.  This was a beautiful time for hardcore.  I was still a metal head when this band existed, and didn't start gravitating towards stuff like this until maybe 1984. The band was infamous for their war on Ian Mackaye and the D.C. Straight edge scene. Enjoy the rage!

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  2. Yo Nate, do you have full scans (back cover, etc) of this CD?

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