Monday, August 7, 2017


Anyone that has followed this blog over the decade that its existed knows of my odd love of German 80's hardcore.  I was turned onto a lot of it by two Germans who spent time in SF hanging with my buddy Zoran and I in around 86-87.  After they left back to Germany I'd get random mixed tapes of obscure German hc in the mail.
This is one of those bands I was turned onto by these guys.  I had to work pretty hard to find the actual vinyl of it back then.
Pretty raging thrashy hardcore that at times remind me of the almighty Black Flag (check out the song Last Mistake).
Listening to this one brings back many happy memories.  Enjoy!

1.Right Now
2.Last Mistake
5.Your Scene
6.Don't Get Mad
7.Joy Boy
10.Dreams Of Pain
11.No Allegiance

Share No Allegiance - Mad (1986).zip - 25 MB


  1. One of my favourite German hardcore LPs. Their previous band (Porno Patrol)are great, too.

  2. Wow. Found this years ago at a record store in Albuquerque. Haven't listened to it in years and years but will give it another spin some time soon! Was attracted to it by its vaguely Lärm-ish and ST cover artwork.

  3. Hey Nate, Vin here from B&Q. I noticed you posted the Stalin Stop Jap +1 Mushi CD a while back at 128. Any chance you could post that at a higher bitrate? Even if it's just in the comments of whatever? Either way, glad you're still doing this.

  4. Hello Nate, check this one out!