Wednesday, September 17, 2008

CAPITLE demo tape (1983)

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3.lean on a wall

Man so much I can say about Albany New York's first hardcore band. The first I knew of these guys was the graffiti I saw on the corner of Lark Street and Central ave. This was around 1983..Right there in huge letters on the wall was written Capitle. It was scrawled all over Albany in the early 80's right up til around 1990. I had no idea what it meant, or who the band was in 1983. I thought it was a political statement in regards to Albany (misspelled). I think the next year it was when these guys played Lark fest. Some friends from work and myself went to see the "live music". We saw a few other really crummy bands play outside on Lark street. I had no idea what I was seeing, and don't think I fully grasped what they were doing. I to this day still can't recall much, as we were drunk. It was outside, and the sound sucked. Larkfest was an annual community festival that I think was actually started by the band? I could be wrong, but that is what I recall hearing back in the day. Years later I got the actual demo from the bass player. He played in a band after Capitle called Vertebrae, and "the surge" as we called him would hang out at Erl records, tell us stories, and drink beers with the younger punks. Phil(surge) later moved to California to cook as a chef in prison. The vocalist Jim is still an Albany ficture.
These songs have an odd mixture of early Suicidal Tendencies (the song "error")mixed with some early Agnostic Front or NYCHC mosh arts. I love this stuff, and over the years have accumulated at least 3 copies of the bands demos. Someone really should put this stuff out on vinyl someday... lord knows I'd love to. I only put five of the songs up on here. Hope you dig em.

I'm a human
how about you?
I make errors
how about you
I'm not perfect
how about you
I admit when I'm fucked up
I'm a human, humans fuck up
to go through life
and mask your errors
I can't agree with that
don't throw the guilt trip at me
I can't agree with that
I suppose you never made a mistake
Its only human nature
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  1. great info and fucking great band

    thanks for this post


  2. good god this is rad! I want to pillage your record and tape collection. Thanks for sharing al this shit. So Much I've never heard of at all.
    Did these guys ever make it to vinyl?

    thank you again!!!


  3. Greg
    they had songs on some comps... the hudson rocks compilation LP is all that I can recall at the moment. The band NEVER did any proper releases. As I recall there were two proper demo tapes.

    Also they did some videos. I used to have those. Phil worked at Brugers Bagels, and the video was of him making bagels, with some live shots, and the song error I think.

    I will try to uncover these to get them on youtube.

    1. Hey Gloom, is there any way I could get a copy of Capitle's stuff. I am back in the area now for a couple of months and would lost/sold all my music over the years. I used to live with Jim, was in the Lark scene for awhile, etc and would love to get Capitle in .mp3 to keep forever. Thanx, -Matt Splatt

  4. Great blog you got here man.
    Thx a lot for sharing all these wonderful obscure bands.
    Respect from Brasil.

  5. Great band ! What do you want in trade to get the entire ripp of this tape ??

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    Bye and take care, VILE76.

  6. this fall my LOUD PUNK will be releasing a LP of the Capitle recordings. it will include the following:
    "Error" Demo Tape
    "More Thoughts" Demo Tape
    2 Tracks from "Hudson Rock" comp LP
    1 track from "Live at 288" comp LP

    its pretty essential stuff, i cant wait. look for it to be out late fall/early winter

  7. I've had the Vertebrae 7" at the beach since the early 90's. I love this record and would really like to find anything else from this band. I bought the 7" in Boulder, CO. at wax trax. Anesthetized if a great track!

  8. this rules! GO ALBANY!!

  9. The Lyrics on Error are pretty god, and Lyrics are important to me when I am listening to music, so judging by this one they are all good for my library

  10. haha great, I still have some cassettes from my 80's haha that's amazing and I still use them.
    I just finish download the demo, I'm gonna listen now.
    Thanks for the link I'll be in touch.

  11. the letter of this song, is so cool, is a real question about life, I'm human like you, so don't judge me for mistakes, becuase you have your owns.

  12. Any chance of a reupload? The mediafire link isn't working.

  13. Capitle has been up and running for the past couple years. Still packs a punch!

    1. Wow! It's been 35 years. Who is in the band now?