Friday, March 19, 2010

SERIAL KILLERS-roadside rendezvous LP(1987)

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1.graveyard serenade
2.the illegitimate son of Ed Gein
3.I am the king letter to Jamie Lee Curtis
5.blood n guts n rock n roll
6.teenage bloodlust
7.dead bitch
8.dark side of the serial killers
9.seial killer part two

These guys played pretty much poppy rock n roll with punk licks thrown in. The band is similiar to some early GG Allin in its lyrical approach and sound. Pretty certain that they were from Philadelphia. I recall the reason I bought the LP was because of the Condemned To Death connection. The guitarist of C2D(Tim Omen) had moved back to the East coast from S.F. and formed this "shock rock" band. My friend Zoran and I heard about it, and immediately felt the need to find it. I'd say the stuff was sorta ahead of its time. The only other bands I recall doing stuff like this at the time were the Mentors, and GG, and maybe Gwar. I think I was sorta in aw, and kind of revolted by the songs. My buddy Zoran on the other hand was able to find the humor in the record. It took me twenty years to pull this out of where I'd filed it, and to give it another spin. It was then that I understood how awesome of a record that this was(especially for the time period). These guys could get away with touring with the likes of Turbonegro if they were around today. I'm pretty sure this was the only LP they did, and later followed it up with a 7", then broke up.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


My friend Charles and I are doing a label called Jack Roy Records... The Our Gang record will be our first release. We did some limited blue for mailorder. Info can be found below. thanks for the support. Nate